a quiet storm take 2
Sep 27

This feels like a Bret Easton Ellis novel done as a Wes Anderson parody

Sep 5

There they go White Womaning again. That woman was wrong, regardless of the races involved. She deserved zero sympathy and zero “support”. That she went off on black women just means the well-meaning liberal woke white women will go back to their institutionally racist roots and circle the wagons to protect other Read more

Sep 5

yea i peeped that too. what a fucking mess even the explanation is. It blows my mind how...people....keep making these mistakes. Creating an inclusive environment and more importantly enforcing it really isn’t hard if you’re not harboring some angst and all these bullshit responses from company’s with their “we will Read more

Aug 5

Lexi is a very likable but somewhat unnecessary character. It has crossed my mind that Daddy Apatow had some influence in her casting and the role was made for her. That said, I think Maude Apatow is a natural talent, and I hope her character is better developed next season.

Aug 5

Not particularly impressed with AV Club’s coverage (or lack thereof) of Euphoria. I may not be a professional TV reviewer, but if the site is only going to bother reviewing two of the eight episodes—both of them dismissive and overly negative—it’s kind of hard to put trust into the content of those reviews. All I’ll Read more

Aug 5

So as a recovering heroin addict of just about 6 years (in a month), and someone who is in their mid thirties and no longer participates in any mind altering substances that all are included in my sobriety (other than a couple medications to treat a couple mental disorders that are more severe than not) - watching Read more

Aug 5

This episode was grounded and I actually enjoyed that quite a bit. My only gripe is the jarring way the timeline kept on switching from present to past. It would have made more sense and been more impactful if things were told in chronological order. Read more