Aug 12 2017

Nobody damanged anybody’s proterty, there are videos everywhere that’s show the protesters just walking around the vehicles, no violence present until the Challengers arrives! Get your head out the box and do research first before you comment please!

Aug 12 2017

The Challenger itself isn’t necessarily a white supremacist car, but it certainly tends to attract them. Example: Alex Jones drives a Hellcat. Not saying you shouldn’t buy one, but be aware that there are some really horrible people who do.

Aug 12 2017

Anybody claiming that “this has zero relation to President Trump” is completely moronic. He CAMPAIGNED on hatred of minorities, and urged violence against protestors at his rallies. His victory is seen as a validation of bigoted viewpoints, so now all the violent racists are swarming out of the sewers.
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Aug 12 2017

That’s kind our my point. The problem describes something impossible and asks people to predict what would happen. Different people have different interpretations of the impossible situation and give a different answers based  on their interpretation.

Aug 11 2017

Wait, this is a real thing that people couldn’t figure out by thinking about it for more than 6 seconds? Read more

Aug 6 2017

Uhhh ... Try Model T. And probably further back than that ...

Jul 30 2017

I always find it funny when dealership employees or any employee for that matter make fun of people who can’t afford a $200k car or other pricy stuff. Dude, you are a sales employee. You can’t afford that shit either, so don’t act all mighty.

Jul 28 2017

If you get any joy out of advocating police violence you should not be president.

Jul 28 2017

It’s amazing how in the UK the police actively boo politicians like that and helped orchestrate the downfall of a Tory politician who was an impolite cunt to them (known as the Plebgate affair) while in the US the police seem to want to beat the shit out of people they arrest. Read more

Jun 30 2017

Matt Farah is always talking about some street down in LA that has VHT sprayed all over it on his podcast. Is this the spot he talks about?

Jun 23 2017

Maybe she didn’t see that he wound up with the ball?