Apocalypse Cow
Yesterday 2:24PM

People seem to correlate streaming as a medium with seasons of shows dropping all at once when in reality it’s more of a Netflix thing than a streaming thing as no one else has really ever done it. I personally think that, while novel, the approach effectively ruined how people watch tv and absorb stories. Instead of Read more

Yesterday 2:19PM

I personally hope Disney holds the tide against full season drops. I know this war is probably already lost, but putting up the full season at once is the absolute Worst way to experience a show.
“Hi guys! Did you want to see what happens in this exciting, surprising TV show without it being spoiled in the Read more

6/10/21 3:58PM

There’s sensors in AirPods Pro and AirPods Max that handle Spatial Audio. Apple TV will get it with a simple update. Dolby Atmos works with any pair of headphones too which is nice. You just need the special headphones for dynamic tracking. 

6/10/21 2:45PM

Right now, you can use it with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max when streaming supported video content on the Apple TV. Read more

6/10/21 6:56AM

I wondered about that. Obviously they weren’t using it for the first launches and landings, but it makes perfect sense today. Read more

6/09/21 1:55PM

You would prefer the government hire lawyers for top legal positions who.... aren’t familiar with the areas in which they’d be working? Read more

6/09/21 12:56PM

Without actually reading everything I think it sort of makes sense.  As someone who sued the department in the past he’s acutely aware of the department’s weaknesses that he attempted to exploit.  So he’d know what needs buttoned up.  Kind of like hiring a former hacker to do security work.

6/08/21 4:21PM

Replace “phone” with “bag” and this is an age-old problem.

6/08/21 4:07PM

How many times do you guys lose your phones? I’ve never lost mine. I’ve lost my keys plenty however lol.

6/08/21 3:00PM

For a short moment there was a io9 Latest underneath the most popular articles but it only showed a few posts in a tile set-up. I think we all just want the Latest and see all option to be able to scroll through the articles. Read more

6/08/21 2:19PM

They have been actively trying to kill io9 for a few years now and have openly stated it.

6/08/21 2:18PM

This work but some folks only want io9 content and want to avoid having to wade through all of the gizmodo specific posts . I’ve used the same option for Kotaku for a good while and we basically need an io9.com/latest to address this.

6/08/21 2:10PM

well, the folded io9 into gizmodo a number of years ago (which sucked) so this doesn’t necessarily presage that, although it wouldn’t be surprising.

6/08/21 2:07PM

also, has anyone else found that when clicking on notifications, the site doesn’t (eventually) take you to the comment that is being starred or the quote that responded to your comment? Is this a problem with firefox or a general change to the comment notification and highlighting system?
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6/08/21 1:53PM

yeah the problem is that they’ve folded all of io9 into Gizmodo. I don’t really care about the latest samsung phone, but I am interested in io9 content... just makes it harder to sort through :(