Oct 19 2015

In order to ensure authenticity, stones blocks are carefully chiseled out of large boulders, and set out to naturally erode over several years, allowing the developers to take an excruciating amount of time to stare at them and ponder the longevity of the average gamer who has been waiting for this fucking title.

Sep 6 2015

This is great. Whenever I find people explaining their dungeon generators, they’re always ... very questionable, and almost always I see people with generators that just don’t work or can’t create a lot of variety. Read more

Jun 7 2015

You say “absurd difficulty”, I say “doesn’t coddle the weak”.

May 13 2015

“His ult (R) is where things get really crazy. Riot describes it as a time-reversing mechanic that reminds me of games like Prince of Persia, or even Braid.” Read more

May 12 2015

My nine year old self gave up his security blanket for a copy of Yo Noid on NES. It has all been downhill from there.