Anton Gully
Jul 30

Stone and Steele have been assigned?

Jul 17

They could easily have cut 3-4 episodes of material and made the show tighter, more visceral and fun to watch.

Jul 17

That’s why Football in the Groin is such a timeless classic.

Apr 10 2018

So you start with the people who actually physically tested it, and then sum up with people citing the “facts” the first group disproved?

The mushrooms “soak up” water in minimal amounts, its mostly clinging to the surface. If this were a factor wild mushrooms would be a no go because they get rained on. And a lot of Read more

Mar 28 2018

I don’t disagree there are aspects to the writing that were tough to get through. Read more

Mar 21 2018

And no dick and balls, remember?

Mar 21 2018

If he doesn’t end up with giant bat wings I will be very disappointed.

Sep 26 2017

Sounds like the 2014 BBC3 series In the Flesh.

Sep 12 2017

Yeah, that struck an odd note to me too. I realise hardly anyone cares about these things anymore, but Pournelle was pretty much the opposite of the New Wave (AKA some of my favorite authors, too!)
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Sep 11 2017

Loved him on This Week In Tech - even when he out crotchetyed john c Dvorak, Jerry was hilarious.

Apr 21 2017

We're already in hell. The worst part? We're STILL surrounded by these pricks.

Mar 28 2017

It’s just your bogstandard power play.

Mar 24 2017

Right. But in the interest of ensuring that nobody is misled, I’ve changed the headline from “The Witcher’s Author Says He Doesn’t Get One Cent From The Games’ Success” to “The Witcher’s Author Says He Screwed Himself Out Of Profiting Off The Games.”

Feb 15 2017

Its happened a few times mate. Here’s one example

Feb 2 2017

Counter-counter-counterpoint: Sony was only able to jump on the VR bandwagon so quickly because they could reuse proven hardware they’d already designed, manufactured, and abandoned years ago.

Jan 30 2017

I wonder if they’ll keep the same outfits...

Jan 26 2017

I didn’t read that as Pournelle chiding him for real, more like Pournelle giving him a smirky little nudge along the lines of “Ha ha, aren’t we being bold and outraging the liberals today.”

Jan 16 2017

you can burn peat for fuel... which is kind of bad if they start doing that.