3/21/16 9:14PM

I’m into it. Large chested bra options seem to be either dowdy or not made for natural breasts. A G cup bra with straps a centimetre thin are never going to be a good time. Read more

3/21/16 9:09PM

If what she calls bra fat and what I call armpit fat are the same thing then fuck yes, let’s do this. Also, fucking armpit fat is such bullshit. I weigh the same as I did in high school but naked I look like a melted candle.

3/10/16 2:31PM

Yeah, because “I bet I know what you’ll say before you say it” is such great discourse, deserving of nothing but the utmost respect and care. Read more

3/10/16 2:06PM

If your idea of healthy includes ‘organic’ for everything then sure. Read more

3/10/16 2:03PM

Not necessarily. It depends on what you are comparing it to. If you’re comparing, let’s say, organic potatoes to non-organic potatoes, then you’re right that you’ll have to spend more. Read more

3/10/16 1:56PM

Do you mind if I ask where in the US you live in? Because in NJ getting 8 bananas is going to cost wayyyyyyy more than $2. For slightly less than $2 I could get a large can of black beans, but that’s probably it.

3/10/16 11:36AM

Which is why the dildos sent to him should only be the really cheap jelly rubber ones that offgas carcinogenic phthalates.

3/09/16 10:27AM

I’d love this level of tech to be taken into the MCU for Black Panther. As a design note, I love the backswept “ears” on this character design. I don’t think they should move or dynamically express emotion, but the backswept posture is universal cat for “you’re about to loose a limb”

3/08/16 11:44PM

Yay. So happy for this, especially because it helps to pave the way for the role she was born to play... the next Doctor.

3/08/16 3:00PM

Every time a member at my church goes in for surgery or a medical treatment, the first thing we do is pray for the hands of the doctor, nurses and medical staff. Miracles are worked through their hands, denying the miraculousness of modern medicine is ludacris.

3/08/16 2:46PM

To some people, “sorry” has the totemic power to erase an offense, and erase any grounds for feeling negatively about that offense.

3/08/16 2:42PM

I’m glad she included the bit about the dude apologizing, and that it didn’t actually make her feel better. This is a whole part of it. “Hey, sorry I sent you a dickpic/called you a slut/grabbed your tits/sent you that explicit email. I don’t know what I was thinking.” “Well, this doesn’t actually make me feel better Read more

3/08/16 1:21PM

Thank you, this needs to be spread around, especially as the use of these limes is becoming more ubiquitous in the US.

3/08/16 1:15PM

I make a lotta soup and I go through a lot of bay leaves. I love them. Subtle, a little spicy/citrusy/good. My partner shares the ‘bay leaves are bullshit’ opinion, but IMO anybody who thinks that is using some ancient dusty shit that’s been in a cupboard for like 2 decades and has no flavour left. Bay leaves are why Read more

1/22/15 4:50PM

So is there a connection between power structures and passive aggressiveness? You mentioned resistance to authority, but do authorities also suffer from it, or do they tend towards direct aggressiveness? Read more