12/10/15 11:58AM

I struggled with bulimia as a young teen. As an adult I did the paleo diet for 2 years and it absolutely went down all the same mental paths as my bulimia did. My entire life revolved around food. Between procuring it from “good” sources (many different local farms) and homemaking every single meal to include at least Read more

10/02/15 8:58PM

In my city there are explicitly sex-positive educational sex shops. They’re great and are run by people who genuinely want to help you, are feminists and well-versed in queer sex. Talking to them is an educational experience and it’s intended to be. Then there are the seedy 24-hour porn shops run by a creepy dude that Read more

9/24/15 2:01PM

Something about that whole “you need at least 12 years of university to even be considered” thing tends to make Jesuits a fairly kickass group.

9/11/15 8:28PM

I was just about to comment on this thread and mention that as a clitoris-owner this position had never done anything for me. But then I saw this idea and will reconsider. Thanks!

9/10/15 2:47PM

Yeah but there’s a huge variation of what women’s bodies can look like, even at the same BMI. Especially for a woman that short with big breasts, it’s likely that her body is viewed publicly as being more similar to an obese woman’s than a thin woman’s. What makes a person fat is the people around them judging them to Read more

9/10/15 2:06PM

Like I said in my other comment in response to Rodcocker, I agree that it’s not a good system. But it’s the system that’s used and that’s not nothing. If her doctor would consider her fat (and my doctor certainly would) then I don’t think it’s exactly dysmorphia for her to consider herself fat. I have one of those Read more

9/10/15 1:49PM

Oh trust me, friend, I know all about the bullshittery that is BMI. I almost got my breast reduction surgery denied last month because I was a pound or two over the “obese” BMI line, when if I’d had normal sized breasts I wouldn’t have been. Their totally sound medical advice was to go on a crash diet so I could make Read more

9/10/15 12:55PM

Uhmmm, her BMI classifies her as overweight. She’s allowed to call herself fat if she wants.

9/10/15 12:54PM

I can’t believe how many of the comments are saying this woman (who has a BMI that is “overweight”) isn’t allowed to call herself fat. FFS people. You might not think she’s fat compared to you (which is a perfectly fine) but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t or that people walking down the street don’t judge her to be Read more

8/02/15 6:24PM

**In Ukraine (not “the Ukraine”). I just got corrected on that myself recently, but it turns out that prefacing “Ukraine” by “the” implies that Ukraine is a region (as it was in the USSR, and was called “the Ukraine”), not a nation. Kind of semantically important due to current events and all. Who knew?

5/27/15 8:29PM

I was way too in love with how my figure looked with the boning to seriously consider going without. I even ended up with a dress that was kind of empire waisty - with boning. I mean, I wouldn’t want to wear a corset every day or anything, but hot damn if they don’t do their job well.

5/27/15 4:45PM

It’s damn near impossible as a large-breasted woman to find a boned wedding dress that fits well both sitting and standing. I had mine custom made and we still couldn’t pull that off. You have to make a call, and looking good while standing in pictures is the bigger issue.

5/09/15 9:02PM

My mom dumped a dude because his favorite book was The Fountainhead, even though he was rich and we were dirt poor. Read more

3/16/15 2:51PM

Neither Paraguard nor mirena works that way. Mirena's hormones thicken the cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to enter the uterus. But only in rare cases does it suppress ovulation. There have been studies showing that fertilized eggs don't show up in women with IUDs, so they prevent fertilization somehow Read more

3/16/15 2:49PM

Yeah that's not even true. They did a study a while back where they looked at the Fallopian tubes of women who had IUDs and ones who didn't after instructing them to have sex regularly. I think it was done during already planned tubal ligations maybe? Anyways, they found fertilized eggs in the tubes of the women Read more

3/14/15 8:52PM

Hey man, it's kinda possible. One of the most conservative cities here in Canada has a well-loved Muslim "confirmed bachelor" *cough* mayor. He's one of the most popular dudes in the country.

2/26/15 3:13AM

As always, ITW, you've given me a lot of good points to digest. I hadn't considered before the analogy with straight kinksters wanting to be considered queer (which, yea, lolno, you ain't allowed in dudes). I guess I'm just sensitive to some people being told they aren't allowed in because, as someone who's bi/queer, Read more