9/03/20 4:28PM

Didn’t it come out since that Dolezal around 2000 was still identifying as White and suing places for discriminating against her for being White? Read more

8/19/20 1:35PM

There’s also this inherent fear that what if it changes again, as at that moment treating success implicitly means that gaining weight would be a failure.” Read more

8/19/20 12:37PM

LOL I know that one. Lose a noticeable amount of weight before your 40th b-day and people gush “OMIGOD YOU LOOK AMAZING HOW’D YOU DO IT??!!?” Do it after your fortieth and they take you aside to whisper-ask if everything’s OK. 

8/19/20 11:55AM

There’s also this inherent fear that what if it changes again, as at that moment treating success implicitly means that gaining weigth would be a failure.” Read more

8/19/20 11:54AM

Thank you. It’s especially disheartening when those messages come from people who already fit the beauty idea, and you know damn well THEY would never let themselves look any less hot than they do now. Read more

8/19/20 11:20AM

Saying weight and looks don’t matter while showing they still matter a whole lot is our culture’s newest sick aspect of appearance policing. Read more

8/18/20 11:44AM

That, or people asking them to stop just makes them double down on the articles. Which also seems to be the case with their constant Cardi B coverage.

8/17/20 11:39PM

I am more than a little convinced that Kris Jenner is paying Jez for this coverage, it’s the only possible reason I can think of that the editors keep publishing this stuff despite everyone begging them not to. The Kardashians literally never come up in discussion with anyone I know in real life.

8/17/20 11:10PM

Jez, we are 20 years deep in the kartrashians. Let it go. The more you focus on them, the more extra they are. Let it go. 

8/17/20 5:00PM

Agreed. I don’t have a problem with a 15 year old expressing her dismay at the current state of their country — especially as it impacts their future — but this girl is very troubled. Her notoriety, hyper-sexualized posts, and her apparent cries for help tell me there needs to be a visit from child welfare to access Read more

8/17/20 12:31PM

Here’s the issue though: George and Kellyanne are not actually all that different politically. They clearly disagree about Trump and the current administration, but they are both otherwise pretty conservative Catholic Republicans and have been forever. My guess is that they agree on 98% of things and that is why their Read more

8/17/20 12:23PM

I, too, enjoy loosely following Claudia’s antics on Tiktok and Twitter. It is pretty funny most of the time to see her 1: directly challenging her parents’ ignorant beliefs (and listen, I know we are all Team George right now bc he’s anti Trump, but George Conway has some seriously problematic, backward ass views like Read more

8/17/20 11:26AM

I follow her on tiktok and she has been worryingly open about her mental health issues — or rather, her mental health issues are worrying, and putting them on social media when she has almost 600k followers is also worrying. She also posts thirst traps more often than I’m personally comfortable with, considering she’s Read more

8/17/20 11:23AM

I don’t understand what’s going on with this family at all. If George and Claudia are being genuine, why are George and Kellyanne still married? I thought maybe they were staying together for the kids, but if the kids (or at least one of them) are this adamant in their feelings about what their mother is doing, what’s Read more

8/17/20 11:17AM

Great! I’d love to see some action on that from the RF then. Like turning his ass over to authorities like he said he was going to. The FBI wants to talk to him. Read more

8/17/20 9:29AM

But Prince Andrew is all good with you, Will? Did he bring any shame or damage your family’s reputation? Clearly you all weren’t blindsided, though, because that guy’s nickname was Randy Andy for a looooooooong time. You all discussing what to do with Andrew in private, are you? Going to turn him over to the Read more