8:33 PM

Congratulations, you sound like a badass! Do you have any advice to starting a career in law later in life? I haven’t practiced in 10 years since I graduated and passed the bar in 2010. I also had two babies and worked two completely different jobs in legally adjacent areas but now want to get back into practicing and Read more

6:01 PM

I got asked when interviewing if I was planning to have another baby soon. This was for a non-legal position but the interviewer and I were both attorneys. He laughed and said “I know you can’t ask that anymore but we are looking to fill this position for the long-term.” He did end up offering me a part-time trial Read more

7:05 PM

I think that’s why they spiced it up with the BDSM and threesome, to make it naughtier. 

4:25 PM

For the ultrasound tech, people are probably nervous and trying to distract themselves. For the tech it’s a day at the office, for the patient it’s likely a new experience fraught with fear and vulnerability so let people make stupid ass jokes if it helps them cope.

1:15 PM

This. They are playing to their audience and this sort of bluster and vitriol works for them. 

7:45 PM

Is this administration hiring younger people than normal or is it normal for a 27 year old to have been in that role for DHS and now serving as press secretary for the VP? A lot of people in this administration seem young and I’ve assumed a lot of that is that older people don’t want the association. 

9:39 AM

I truly feel for her because there is no good way to respond to national press reports that your fat buffoon of a father supposedly doesn’t want to take pictures with you because he thinks you’re overweight. Sure it’d be awesome for her to reply with “Hey pot, looking in the mirror!” but as I’m confident he’s paying Read more

10:28 AM

Specifically that she’s overweight which coming from him is rich. I know a certain type of man judges women’s worth by how fuckable they are and he’s always broken women down this way but his own damn daughters!? Gross. But it also makes sense for how narcissistic he is. He probably views his kids as extensions of Read more

10:18 AM

Trump doesn’t want to be in photographs with Tiffany because he thinks she’s overweight. 

10:17 AM

She got drunk and let loose that Trump apparently doesn’t want to appear in photographs with Tiffany because he thinks she’s overweight and barely talks to her. No literally, that’s it. Trump’s fat ass is disdaining his daughter for being “overweight”.

8:42 PM

$75 for a family where I am, tons of classes, and 2 hours of childcare a day. 

11:34 AM

I’ve done the opposite a few times with my son when he was young. His dad would have him in the mornings when I’m usually the one who drives him to daycare and I’ll drive on autopilot to daycare anyways. Even gotten out once and walked around to get him out of the car only to feel like an asshole when I opened the Read more

6:34 PM

My husband was reading a story about this to me in the car this afternoon and that was immediately where I went with it too.

10:29 AM

Instead of counter protesting and giving them exactly what they want: anger, outrage, and a sense of persecuted victimhood... why not take a page from that town in Germany’s book and turn it into an involuntary walkathon? Have people pledge $ to go towards LGBTQ charities for every x feet they walk and then hang fun Read more

6:07 PM

So THIS is where this analogy came from. I’ve seen like 3 people use this very analogy on other sites. It’s just so asinine. The other one I see a lot is “someone coming into your house and yelling at you for how it looks” which is also stupid. In both, the person doing the criticism is the other rather than an Read more

1:33 PM

Oh then it’s not my mom ,she hasn’t worked since the early 1980's. She will, however, give you long lectures about work ethic and how the poor deserve to be poor for being lazy and entitled.