Anna Hider
Jan 26 2018

When I was around kindergarten-age in the mid-90s, my parents banned two TV shows. The Simpsons (understandable) and Johnny Bravo (not understandable).

Oct 3 2017

Bieber is looking more and more like a cult leader every day.

Aug 8 2017

Meanwhile, my e-book on the theory that the Cincinnati Zoo MADE Fiona premature as a way t distract from the bad press from the death of Harambe will be out later this month.

Jul 24 2017

I watched it because I KNEW that there was no way he was actually racing a shark and also I’m a masochist.

Jul 14 2017

The scene: Me, drunk and PMSing, watching Home Alone in a bar. I actually teared up when Kevin’s mom was trying to get back to Chicago. She couldn’t get a plane ticket, and she was so sad, and I was so sad... and then John Candy offered her a ride in his van with the polka band.

Jun 30 2017

I just realized that this is the first time that I’ve ever seen what a placenta actually looks like. I don’t know how to feel.

Jun 26 2017

I met her a few weekends ago! 13/10 good Mayor. Loves pets. Nobody seems to watch her, though. When I was trying to leave, she was standing in the middle of the road, and I had to wait for her to walk out of the way so I could drive off.

Jun 14 2017

This is very sad but I think the article is also kinda incoherent? V confused.

Apr 18 2017

My most Syracuse University moment was getting off the bus to puke in front of the Carmelo Anthony Basketball Center because I got way too drunk at a house party.

Dec 30 2016

My brain now cannot stop thinking in the style in which this GLORIOUS blog was WRITTEN!! [SCREAMS]

Aug 31 2016

I can’t decide what’s more depressing, your thoughts on how the Oprah/Steadman piece came to be, or the Photoshop job on OK!’s cover.