Jul 4 2018

After a quick Google search I think OMGE makes hinges, tracks and other sliding applications for furniture and stuff. No idea on the first one but will keep Googling. Seems like the first one is an older Mild Seven logo.

Jul 25 2017

Huh, it kinda is now that I think about it. I don’t want a super big house, but I do like lots of style. Now I just have to make sure my car doesn’t leak onto the floors xD

Jul 25 2017

When you use the rain gutter as a rail, the forces of the car rubbing against it will naturally cause your tires to wear like that

Jul 8 2017

It’s cause it’s one of them fancy import brands. Maybe you would have better luck with an all-american company like Desoto, or Cord.

Jul 2 2017

In Michigan, there are a couple of rules that they’ve been working on educating drivers about. One is “move over or slow down for emergency vehicles”, and the other is “speed limit 45 where workers present”. It strikes me as odd that these are worded so differently. Besides, why should it matter who is on the side of Read more

Jun 27 2017

Incase you were curious, this is how it looked in my RSS.