Oct 29

That’s funny.

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, or just trying to present some strawman “liberal/progressive” argument as people so commonly do around here, but I will actively shame anything that involves something so obviously nonconsentual.

And if you get off on staged videos of women being surveilled without Read more

Sep 8

Having never been touched like that by a woman before, it was all he could do to prematurely eject her.

May 6 2019

(bursts through doors out of breath) damn chuck really shit the floor on this one folks,.

Apr 19 2019

lol yes for sure — “more punk than Chuck Todd” is a subterranean bar to clear but Beto clears it easily

Mar 11 2019

Yeah, when I saw she was in her first year at a top MATH PhD program, I wondered about this...sounds like she was immensely talented, and it takes a very high achiever to accomplish what she did by the age of 23. PhD programs can really exacerbate existing mental health issues, especially in the first year, when Read more

Mar 6 2019

This is the dark side of social media. We saw it with Alex Jones and his band of lunatic followers harassing Sandy Hook parents. Now Roger Stone has “Proud Boy” motherfuckers do his dirty work while he has a gag order. These are gigantic pieces of shit we are dealing with. “We” being people with some semblance of Read more

Mar 6 2019

What handle do you think Brett Kavanaugh uses when he posts on Barstool? Barto K? FFFFFederal Judge?

Mar 6 2019

This would be a devastating blow if they hadn’t already addressed it and evolved as a company and a brand while long-term writers like Drew and Barry have apologized for Deadspin’s past (and their own on this site) and jumped aboard the “don’t write like an asshat” train. Read more

Feb 21 2019

Meh. He could do worse; she could do better. Now if he’s hooking her up with free merch or marketing a new design she promoted, or if she’s giving UA excessive shoutouts during her MSNBC segments then I can see issues with their relationship.

Feb 21 2019

Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops. Return to painful canvas shoes.

Feb 19 2019

If there’s any murderin’ done on the Banana Splits set, you can bet the Sour Grapes Bunch is involved. Who do you suppose supplied all that acid and speed and coke to those degenerates in Croftland, Witchiepoo? Read more