2:49 PM

What if the only way I can achieve sexual gratification is through dressing in a poly-vinyl body suit & a Prussian general’s helmet and sitting in a large vat of tapioca while posting deeply judgement comments about other people’s sexual quirks and disturbing turn-ons? I don’t know where you get off kink Read more

8:13 PM

...right down to the fact that she really didn’t have much of a chance at a normal life from the outset. In Lindsay’s case, it’s obvious that she was a talented actor as a kid, which was like heroin to her desperately thirsty* and selfish parents. It clearly takes really grounded and sane parents to help navigate a Read more

8:05 PM

The kids cast as ‘employees’ are undoubtedly taking their cues from producers, who are likely promising them that they’re the new & improved version of “The Hills” (which, having gone off the air in 2010 when most of this cast was starting middle school, will draw nothing but blank looks.) But in Lindsay’s case, Read more

11:52 PM

I agree that anything pandering to Chuck Todd & Chris Matthews’ pleas for Tip O’Neal-caliber civility™ when dealing with eliminationists & nihilists can f*ck right off. But this particular over-promoted gesture didn’t piss me off as much as most, because in addition to SNL predictably rolling to show its stomach in Read more

11:22 PM

In doing documentaries mostly for cable & network TV (not for any of the news divisions) for decades, I’ve hired a number of former editors, producers, and even a couple writers who did time at FNC. A lot of the rank & file are decent people. Many actually hate having to get their experience at Fox News. Read more

8:26 PM

His mother left him and his rage-addled brother Buckley with their father when Tucker was 6. It explains a lot about the barely concealed rage and resentment that drives just about every on-air interaction he has. 

8:28 PM

He’s enraged, smug and manages to combine it all with a sub 95 IQ. I believe the term is “the Dunning-KrugRage effect.”

10:13 PM

I balk at plenty of things Maher says and does, especially when he flaunts his love of Sam Harris and Ann Coulter, and his seeming respect for Milo Y, and Jordan Peterson. But his observation that it was absurd to hear that the terrorists were cowards post 9/11 from Bush, and the ‘Merica F-Yeah!’ crowd, given that Read more

2:13 PM

Lucky for you, it’s Macular Degeneration for the block.

6:45 AM

Sadly have to agree. Racists generally don’t initially censor themselves around WASPs like me, regardless of whether I’m doing a job in a town in the rural midwest, or at something like a corporate sponsored event in a big city. But over the last 20-30 years, it really seemed like the overt racism was dying out, even Read more

7:12 PM

To me, the guy on the far right w/ the footrest extended, actually seems to be the only one with the sense to be emphatic about how awful Corey is, and clearly be laughing AT him. The other two are basically laughing with Lewandowski, adding only the most hesitant disclaimers.  For them, its a Gateway chuckle: give Read more

3:47 AM

Not all of us, but given the events that have taken place since that evil jackass came down the escalator in his clown palace on 5th ave. to begin his Russian-backed hissy fit against President Obama, I can’t blame you for thinking that.

11:34 PM

Exactly the bitter irony I pointed out to my wife this AM: They fabricate an insane fake storyline about Hillary Clinton and the Podestas running an underground child sex ring, hubbed under a Pizza parlor, and spend 18 months fundraising on the fringe, and pushing armed nuts to the brink of heavily armed assault to Read more

4:34 AM

I’d say the answer on whether it’s justified or ethical to publicly identify them varies on a case-by-case basis. This POS woman doesn’t seem like an obvious danger to anyone other than herself (apart from the rear bumpers and quarter-panels she’s likely to crush in her lane-to-lane diatribes) and from a quick Read more

6:30 PM

Pretty hard - Not to contradict the WA game wardens, but 100 pounds for a full grown male mountain lion seems skinny, but not fully emaciated. A skinny mountain lion will still have muscle, big claws and a jaw & teeth combo that puts the biggest pit bull to shame. Add to that, skinny means it’s desperate, therefore

12:56 AM

PEDs? Are you thinking that she started cycles of Winstrol and Dianabol at Cornell, when she heard about the metric tons of hate a kid named Laura Ingraham was putting up over at Dartmouth?

9:40 PM

Talk about burying the lede - How exactly does this post & 28 comments, including the grays, get through all of this without any mention of Pierce’s one shining moment of notoriety, during a frat dude/bro moment so extreme that even Jesse Watters would’ve told him to take it down a notch:

2:05 AM

Because enough Tea Party jackholes in Congress used O’Keefe’s disingenuous and ham-fisted fake ‘sting,’ and Fox News’ predictable celebration of it and O’Keefe, to defund a legitimate low-income housing advocacy group. It was a transparently partisan and racially biased act by the modern GOP. Not exactly shocking.

But Read more