Aug 2

This is very true; not only does it take longer to cook, but at lower temperatures the food absorbs more oil because there’s not as much steam pushing forcefully out from the inside.

And this is one of two reasons I use that propane wok stove: I can turn the burner up and it recovers to temperature very quickly, in a Read more

Jul 30

We deep-fry frequently at our house, but always outside, and in a twenty-inch restaurant wok over a propane wok stove, so I have some thoughts on this. Read more

Jul 30

They’re the required ingredient in poutine, so the closer you get to Canada, the easier they ought to be to get. In Rochester, we called it “squeaky cheese” when I was a kid.

In Los Angeles, genuine cheddar cheese curd is harder to find, but several un-aged Mexican cheeses are a decent approximation. Panela is probably Read more

Jul 20

Blanch 10 minutes with salt and vinegar in the water, then cool to room temperature before frying.

Source: Kenji.

Jun 25


Watch how the gyeranppang guy does this at 0:47.

Jun 15

Reaper digital audio workstation has also dropped the use of master/slave nomenclature in version 6.12, released today.

Jun 9

Shredded or julienned granny smith apple wouldn’t be a bad addition here either. Or chayote, but I think you’d need to blanch it briefly.

Jun 5

I have personally eaten cherries that taste/smell of the benzaldehyde compound in artificial cherry flavor. However, they were (a) perfectly ripe and directly off a tree and (b) sour “pie” cherries, not the so-called “sweet” cherries found in supermarkets (Bings or Rainers usually), which, as far as I’m concerned Read more

May 14

Public beaches have public restrooms, water fountains, handrails, and traffic-flow bottlenecks like access paths and stairways. You gonna wipe sunblock all over your face now?

Also, those lifeguards have to be ready to do CPR on strangers. How are we protecting them?

Sorry, I remain unconvinced that “being able to go Read more

Apr 30

The salad that is one sliced avocado, two supremed grapefruits, and a huge pile of wild arugula, dressed with olive oil, salt, and shaved parmesan. 

Apr 23

There was a lot of me-learning-things in that post. Good footnotes.

Apr 9

Icemakers! Been there.

So there are lots of brands of refrigerator/freezers, but it turns out they almost all use some variation of the same basic ice-making unit. Replacements on eBay are about fifty bucks and it will take you less than 20 minutes to swap the new one in. Read more

Mar 18

Since the prohibition is the FDA’s (not the Red Cross’s), lying on the form might constitute a violation of Federal law? I mean, it’s probably not something they’d ever prosecute for, but with this crowd who knows, right? Read more

Mar 2

Heinz Hot Ketchup.

No, not the “hot & spicy” stuff where they just mixed Tabasco sauce into it. Before that. Read more

Jan 26

There’s been one in Glendale within walking distance of our house for a couple years now. For a while they were running a $5 combo lunch deal on Thursdays, and we went for that on a semi-regular basis. It always felt, though, like that was some kind of loss leader for them and at some point last year they ditched it. T Read more

Jan 14

This was apparently the way Americans did it in the ’50s before (I would guess) Juila Child came along.

I was watching a black-and-white TV sitcom from the era, and at one point one of the characters asks another if they have the ingredients for a cheese omelet in the pantry. Yes, he replies, we have eggs, cheese, Read more

Nov 25

Well, this club is formed. Spread the word on menus nationwide.