Earthbound And Down
Jun 21 2019

Thanks for introducing the world to DGJ all those years ago, Mike. We’d have been far worse off without him.

May 31 2019

Funnily enough, Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant is the only time I’ve puked from the food before even leaving the place. To this day, if someone says the words “donkey sauce” around me, I start to get abdominal convulsions.

May 31 2019

It’s ok. There is always Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

May 31 2019

Erik and I were just talking about how tragic this was yesterday. It was a half-block away. Just a crippling loss. We will never know the joys of the donkey sauce.

May 31 2019

I actually think the CVT Honda uses is probably the best you can get right now. It’s way more tolerable than the ones Subaru and Nissan have. Read more

Apr 3 2018

One small point of disagreement. I would put the transmission in Comfort mode as well, because if you leave it in Sport mode or whatever it’ll make the engine just sit there, clattering away at 6000 RPM while you cruise on the highway just in case you need a SPEED BOOST. Read more

Sep 26 2017

Welp, this is a good time to become one of those people who Doesn’t Even Own a TV.

Aug 15 2017

This has been too long coming. This country should never have tolerated the symbols of the Confederacy after the war. These statues and the battle flag have become so romanticized and bastardized that the people who praise them don’t even know what they actually stood for. Read more

Aug 10 2017

You forgot the most important part about how to get on with life afterwards: start collecting bottlecaps.

Apr 19 2017

David you act like grass grows in dirt

Oct 27 2016

Dave, thank you for doing this. From our conversations, I have a sense of how much time you spent on this. I believe your aim was true and your heart was pure. As I read this, I am both angry and sad. Sad for what happened to my friend. Angry that I only knew of her condition after she had passed, when it was too late Read more