Earthbound And Down
Jun 21 2019

Jalopnik is the reason I got into this line of work, and Davey is a writer who, since that time, has left me wondering how one is able to pull that much art out of one’s own head. Read more

May 31 2019

On a scale of “so much” to “SO MUCH,” how miffed are you that you moved to Times Square after Guy Fieri’s restaurant closed down?
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Aug 17 2018

Are you going to have Jolene and the LS run interference to prevent traffic from consuming the Willys alive? I’d watch that.

Aug 9 2018

I’m a huge fan of ‘em. There’s one by my parents’ house outside Chicago (I-90 @ IL-83/Elmhurst Rd.) and it’s worked really well so far. Plenty of overhead signs to go along with the painted lines, so you know exactly what lane to be in for your given destination. Read more

Aug 6 2018

Kinda looks like a giant slime mold floating atop the water. I freaked out when slime mold showed up on my rose bushes, but they only ate the decaying crap under my bush then disappeared. Read more

Jun 14 2018

No need to apologize. We’re good friends with the R&T guys. Both our outlets would probably take it as a compliment and take offense to it simultaneously. Read more

Jun 13 2018

While some might see restrained zen in the Alfa, some who dig through these systems regularly see a half-assed infotainment system that offers half the functionality of FCA’s already very well done Uconnect with little, if any payoff to the driver. Potato, po-tah-toe. Read more

May 23 2018

Are you not going to credit the popular Twitter thread that made this exact point a day before your own story?

Apr 3 2018

I originally said PG’s take was the right one, then I remembered the last time I put a transmission in Sport and it held at 5k for 10 seconds at a time on a flat, straight road with a normal speed limit. Read more

Dec 18 2017

I want to know why Rose thought love was a good enough reason to stop Finn from blowing up the laser-battering-ram thing. She basically doomed the Resistance to certain death (or so it was believed at the time) just so she could get halfway to first base. I get that failure is the overarching theme in the move, but Read more