5/03/21 2:18PM

Looks like they’re going with the claim Larson and CM failed so they're re-centering it on other characters.

4/19/21 4:11PM

Yup. Growing up as the son of Chinese immigrants, the list of media heroes from movies and TV consisted of Bruce Lee and that’s just about it. This is probably why my wife (originally from mainland China) isn’t as interested in this stuff as me, as she grew up exclusively watching Chinese films and TV, so there wasn’t Read more

4/05/21 12:26PM

This is almost as embarrassing as that news story of the guy who drove his whole family across the country just to find the park was closed, so he took a security guard hostage and forced the poor guy to ride all the rides with them. People are crazy.

2/10/21 2:56PM

Gotta disagree here. They are incompletely different places. Carpenter’s complaints come 20 years later after theraputic treatment and with the support of a movement. Ray Fisher is in the here and now and had to do it alone knowing he was fighting Warner Brothers and billion dollars. I can’t fault him for not knowing Read more

2/10/21 2:48PM

Yes, the right takeaway about all this is absolutely how Ray Fisher handled his claim. GFoH.

1/22/21 5:17PM

How embarrassing for Charles. I think they should just let me write the WandaVision recaps from now on. My fee is reasonable. I only charge $1500 per word, minimum 10,000 words.

12/28/20 12:41PM

Wonder Woman 1984 is unique in that it’s a standalone film without the burden of all the other DCEU films weighing it down, and yet it still manages to be a muddied, difficult to understand mess.

12/27/20 8:54PM

Yes; just got it. I was under the misconception that her family was, in actuality, Spanish. I’m gobsmacked. 

3/04/20 12:22PM

So I guess No Time to Die just needed...a little more time to live.

11/12/19 12:28PM

I think the takeaway here is that in order to get rich you should scam a bunch of people into thinking you’ll make them rich.