5/30/21 9:21PM

Actually no. Doctor Strange would have stopped him from doing it if it would have resulted in them beating Thanos. Read more

5/27/21 12:33PM

If you didn’t see the photo of the devil at the top of the article and immediately say “OH BIG YAWN!” then you’re a sociopath.

5/27/21 12:19PM

Couldn’t disagree more. The trailer actually makes me more intrigued to see this.

If Shyamalan can keep it simple, this could be a very effective and fun thriller. But the question is if he’s going to do overthink it which he’s had a tendency to do.

5/24/21 8:02PM

If I weren’t already not voting for him, that answer would have lost him my vote

5/24/21 7:47PM

You almost fell asleep during a trailer that was 2 minutes long? I don’t think it was the trailer, my dude... I think you just need to get some sleep.

5/24/21 7:46PM

Yeah this is a great point. It’s not like this movie is directed by someone who literally just won a (well-deserved) Best Director Academy Award.

I’m assuming you saw the multi-racial cast and something inside of you asked “WHERE ARE ALL THE WHITES”

5/13/21 4:48PM

I hear what he’s saying. Drax has an unbelievably tragic story that GotG really does touch on, but GotG 2 is really more focused on Rocket, Nebula, and Quill and as he says, Drax is more comedic relief. Read more

5/11/21 7:49PM

Well, good job using your unhinged preference to drive big, tall forbidden fruit right into Tiffany’s little mouth dad.

5/06/21 5:53PM

When lockdown closed the gyms, I switched to doing a lot of lighter weight and body weight AMRAP and EMOM workouts. I think I may have lost a little muscle, but I definitely toned a ton to the point where I actually look bigger (and way more cut). They also cut down on the small injuries and general annoyances in my Read more

5/04/21 6:41PM

“Listen, I can’t speak for anyone else but myself. They might be doing something, but I ain’t got a call...”

5/03/21 3:41PM

It’d be easier for them to try and argue it that way if it weren’t for the pesky fact they’d be admitting that two POC characters would make the movie better. Read more

5/03/21 1:31PM

Can I say that my favorite part of Eternals is that Richard Madden is literally the only one that I could have predicted would be a lead in a Marvel film out of literally anyone in that cast. It’s such a beautiful, diverse, and unexpected cast