Andrew Couts
Deputy Editor, Gizmodo

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Aug 1

Everyone. Girls and guys (and non-binary people) can all enjoy vibration, or share them with their partners. No reason to exclude anyone from enjoying wand vibes, although not everyone likes them.

Aug 1

When I was your age, we had to jerk off with rotary phones. And just a few generations ago, if you wanted to jerk off, you had to go wait in line at the telegram office. 

Jul 30

What happens if you microchip a person? I think I am gonna start. If I ever get lost I want to be sure people know who my owners are. 

Jul 15

Some of the comments and complaints are odd to me. Try it for free with ads for as long as you want. They will iron out a deal with roku and amazon. Try it and if you like it keep using it and maybe pay if you hate ads that much or want the premium content. If not then walk away no harm done lol. Not like Disney Plus Read more

Jun 26

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from social distancing, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn’t you like the chance to get sick that way?

Sometimes you want to go where CoVID19 takes your name,
and it’s always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
and get infected all the same
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Jun 26

Andrew, this Florida woman needs a drink. Or five.

Jun 9

relax, nothing to see here. CBP is just drawing dicks in the sky

Jun 2

If you guys really insist on redesigning the interface it would be really great if you were at least consistent between sites — jumping from this redesign to, say, the completely-different redesign over at the AV Club is more than a little discombobulating. (Theirs is marginally better, btw, if equally as bloated with Read more

Jun 2

This is your first post as the interim EIC of Gizmodo so first off I’ll say welcome to the job.

Secondly I’ll say I’m really sorry that your bosses think this blog layout is a good idea.

Thirdly, what about story blocks (or modules) are new? Read more

Jun 2

Feedback? Every change thats been made in the past....year? Has been absolute trash since its been all about driving up dumbass metrics and not improving user experience in any way. Read more

May 26

Suspend him. What is the point of half-measures? Conservatives will never stop whining about how mistreated they are by social networking sites, just like they never stop complaining about the liberal bias of the mainstream media even though the mainstream media both-sides every story no matter what and let their Read more

May 9

We don’t have to keep the country closed until a vaccine is found. We just had to do it for a month, long enough to get the case count to near zero and set up the appropriate test and tracing infrastructure. Like South Korea, like New Zealand, like Iceland - this is not something we had to accept. We could have wiped Read more

May 9

Samantha Grasso recently wrote a really good article about how COVID-19 illustrates a long-term conflict in US politics between the rights of individuals and the rights of communities. Climate change is the same kind of conflict: if I, as an individual, can pollute the community as much as possible without any kind of Read more