Andrew Couts
Deputy Editor, Gizmodo

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Oct 2

I only know about Skamania because someone told me there was a county called Skamania, which makes me want to skank the live long day. Sadly, your opinion about dogs is worse than anything I could have possibly imagined.

Sep 3

Very good catch on the temperature range of pellet grills vs charcoal or gas grills—I’ve updated the piece to clarify that.
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Sep 2

Oh that’s awesome. None around me do, from what I can tell, but there’s always going to be some exception.

Sep 2

I’m imagining a situation where you go to cook dinner and you’re out of fuel, so I just meant you likely can’t pick them up at your gas station, like you can charcoal or propane. They sell them at one of my grocery stores and definitely you can get them online or at Lowes or whatever. But I’d still have to plan ahead Read more

Jul 30

Never once has HomeAgain made it clear to me that I can just stop paying it money.

Jul 15

You are far too reasonable to be on the internet. Run before the brainworms get you.

Jun 2

I hear ya! You’ll still see the seven most recently published stories in the Latest module (which is roughly the number that fit on our previous homepage), and you can always just go to the latest section instead:

May 22

First of all, I did not want to be sensible. I wanted to talk shit, which I did—so successfully that half a dozen people sent me death threats. Over dark mode. Second of all, I don’t dislike dark mode because it’s different; I dislike dark mode because it’s trendy and y’all wouldn’t shut up about how great it was in Read more

Mar 25

I have a feeling Wiley’s gonna stop at some point too. He doesn’t do it all the time—I’ve only seen him do it twice and heard him do it once since I shot that video. I’ll be surprised if he keeps it up.

Mar 6

It’s just my experience! Some days it was fine. But on balance, not wearing clothes I would feel proud leaving the house in made me feel bad.