All the weird shit regarding this story now makes sense. Read more

Adding to this the producers on the 1984 movie Firstborn are, Stanley R. Jaffe - executive producer, Paul Junger Witt - producer, Ron Koslow - co-producer, Tony Thomas - producer. Read more

It would indeed be a stunner. I only knew off the top of my head about Haim, because I know the filmography of River Phoenix backwards and forwards (RIP, River).
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“In September 2009, after a month of whispers brought on by her dominant victory in the 800 at the world championships in Berlin, Semenya was outed as intersex and subjected to a run of leering freak-show coverage that tended to ignore the utter normality of abnormality in top-flight sports. (Think Michael Phelps’s Read more

My British stepfather who lives outside Britain did not get to vote and is horrified that his eu citizenship will likely be taken from him because of these idiots. Horrified. I’ve rarely known him to curse but let me tell you he had some strong words for those wankers. Read more

They interviewed a young woman on ITV who said that she was disappointed in the results—-even though SHE’D VOTED TO LEAVE —-but once she got home that day, she thought better of it and she would have voted to stay. Read more

I think the period of uncertainty that we’re going to have for the next couple of months, that’s just been magnified now. Read more

Yeah, I think they’re going to have a rude awakening in the next few months... serves them right. They screwed me up (I’m a EU citizen in London), so I have ZERO sympathy for them. Read more

I was sad before, but now I’m ENRAGED. I’m a fucking CANADIAN who’s been to England ONCE and it seems I’m more educated on this. Read more

The problem is these disgruntled people don’t even know what they are disgruntled about. Read more

This is the most apt illustration for this entire situation. Britain just got up and literally screwed itself for no other reason then it could. Read more

Now you know how we Americans feel and why so many are half joking about moving to Canada Read more

Those same people who love to whine about the Electoral College (“but whyyyy can’t it just be one person, one vote”) lean heavily on its existence to allow them to vote with their precious consciences instead of their fucking brains. Read more

Not a chance for me; I’m okay with Clinton, she’s infinitely preferable to Trump, and I realize that neither Stein nor Johnson have a chance of winning (and I don’t know enough about Johnson to know if I find him preferable to Clinton). However, I do the the sense that some of Sanders’ supporters are refusing to vote Read more

So let me get this straight, the UK is about to leave the EU, the PM is about to resign, and the world economy is about to go on a tailspin... all because more than half the UK thought this was make believe? How do you think your vote doesnt count? Isn’t that the point of a democratic system? That your vote counts? Read more

Agree completely in terms of how good Argentina is. I’m not upset about losing to them or even losing 4-0. Personally, the score itself is not something I find particularly shocking. Read more

It is not the author’s job to find the hidden meaning in your comment. Read more