Aug 1 2016

Here’s the thing though. Jill Stein is selling herself as the principled candidate for people who want to vote their conscience.

Many Clinton supports know our vote is a pragmatic choice for the least bad option. And that’s fine.

If you’re already in a position to rationalize your vote for a person who thinks Read more

Jul 9 2016

Not so much cliquey, just that we migrated back once clashtalk was set up.

Jul 9 2016

I remember the dawn of Clashtalk, the end of the old Crosstalk and even that short-lived off-GM thing in between.

Jul 5 2016

John McCain. This is excellent news for John McCain. Mark Halperin trumps all you motherfuckers because he wrote a book.

Jul 2 2016

Oh fuck off, this has nothing to do with “everyone deserves a medal”. This is about good matchmaking. How fucking stupid would it be for a good player to be forced to play with a bad player on his team? Why should the good player be dragged down to a guaranteed loss because of some misguided notion of “sink or swim”?
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Jun 30 2016

I get so salty when people kill me with Mei because I SUCKKKKKKKKK as Mei and my salt is really just extreme jealousy hidden behind a finely woven tapestry of anger.

Jun 11 2016

Funny thing about WoW. I knew tons of women in WoW. About a 50:50 split in my guild. About 50:50 split in my raid group made up of different guilds. I haven’t raided seriously since LK, but we cleared everything except Sunwell in BC and all of LK including heroics, and I was at one point top 15 for my class on the Read more

Jun 11 2016

LOL, I’ve been a gamer since Suspended on the Vic 20 in 1983, through to the Coleco, and Pong for Atari, and NES, to SNES, PC gaming, arcades and programming my own games in BASIC on cassette tapes, to C# for digital distribution. Read more

Jun 9 2016

I’m fucking sick of this platform exclusive bullshit. First Xbox gets mods before my superior PS4, and now they get discounts?! It’s not free on my Playstation Store! Bethesda you just lost a customer. I’m so darn mad!