1:55 AM

Confession time! Back when my husband had his E46 M3, I learned why BMW drivers get their rep. It wasn’t from assholery, I would just forget about the outside world. You’re so well cocooned in luxury that you forget to signal cause you don’t feel anyone around you. Only after you’ve committed a sin and noticed that Read more

11:43 PM

Green is considered by some to be bad luck on a car. I was raised never to own one because of this superstition. To this day, I can see loads of beautiful green cars and acknowledge their beauty, but I will say that green only belongs in the appropriate shade on a British car.

11:39 PM

Soul red is absolutely gorgeous, that shit straight up glows. One day I want the door to my house sprayed in soul red and I've never even owned a Mazda

11:37 PM

Ssitting deep in the Fiat community, whenever “what’s your other car” posts come up, you would have difficulty supporting that “bottom of the barrel cheap” thinking. It is not at all uncommon for people to daily a 500 then have a Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati or some other interesting toy in the garage. Many of us are city Read more

1:41 PM

I plan to get my sewing machine and fabric out of moving storage in the next day or two so I can use my stash to start making masks. True to the goth I am, I'm also ready and willing to volunteer for dead body duty. Won't come to that where I am, but on the off chance, I don't mind corpses

3:19 PM

I was traveling weekend before last as things were really starting to take off. Had an hour to kill waiting on my aunt’s flight so we could carpool a rental and I spiced up the usual people watching by coughing gently every time someone in a mask walked past. The only 2/3rds full flights were also a nice change from Read more

10:51 PM

Ugh, I literally just lost a Copart auction for a 500 Abarth parts car today! My MR2 though has the strangest parts car situation. Both my bestie and I have AW11s, for a while he was having ECU issues so I loaned him the Haltech I originally bought off him. His car then died conveniently a bit before my cam gear broke Read more

12:30 AM

I tried a normal “active lifestyle.” Or at least I tried skiing and failed. My Fiat 500 took those skis down the middle like a champ cause there’s no console between seats. In a couple days it will be taking 2 similarly long X1/9 bumpers to be yeeted into the scrap bin. My MR2 is great for my "active lifestyle" cause Read more

1:19 AM

This is the main reason I'm doing vlogs on my X1/9 build. I love Fiats as we all know, like crazily so, but there isn't a ton of content. I want to be able to show how amazing Fiats are and help shed light on a very unique corner of car culture as well as helping other owners keep their cars going. I also hope that Read more

11:13 PM

I notice the Crown package is a 36 count. Is that wishful thinking or is someone out there boning an insane amount? Alternatively, what is the shelf life of condoms? That box could be like 4 years old and still going

1:15 PM

My grandpa in law has an XLR. I’ve always loved the looks of these and it was certainly a joy to drive, but I suddenly want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that car ever again.

4:01 PM

When I was born way back in 1988, my dad had a 914. These days I would absolutely LOVE to have one to be able to share that experience, even though he passed away 23 years ago. I looked around for one a couple years ago but even then, they were a bit more than I wanted to spend on something that would be a racecar. Read more

11:19 AM

I welcome my new French brothers and sisters into the Fiat clan. That being said, among the "synergies" not mentioned here but spoken of in the Fiat world, the Panda is getting the axe now too. Basically all small cars from the new conglomerate are being killed. Needless to say, my soul is hurting quite badly this Read more

1:24 AM

I love all wedge cars, both real and fictional. Hell, I own a mk1 MR2 and a Fiat X1/9. There is no wedge on god's green earth I don't love. And I don't care if you're *supposed* to hate dystopias cause I just don't. I am a goth, I am fueled by darkness and questionable things. 

1:07 AM

I loathe Elon Musk. Like holy shit do I loathe Elon Musk. But in the opposite direction, I love dystopian futuristic movies even more. So yeah, if this thing takes off and design language starts getting all hyper-futuristic angular, I am so here for it. But still, fuck Elon and fuck each and every one of his dick Read more

12:13 PM

I have had 3 Fiat 500s since 2012. I might be an outlier since I stick with Fiat to an insane extent, but if every 500 was raptured off the face of the earth, I would stick with small cars. Literally the only reason I want something larger is for a tow rig. And even then, that rig will never be a daily driver.

11:51 AM

Wait, my new overlord is a racer? I’m officially a-ok with this merger as hopefully this means he will embrace/protect Abarth.

11:53 PM

Small, powerful, delicious, will get you wired then leave you awake at night feeling vaguely anxious.