AMGtech - now with more recalls!

And here we are, giving them a click. Ugh.
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The horrendous advice in this article would outrage the readers of both Jalopnik and Earther, so it’ll probably be cross-posted to both sites so that they can yell about it in the comments, and the “article” will generate more clicks, selling more ads. Read more

Holy cow, this article is pure junk. Read more

Yes, I'm teaching my newly 16 year old in just this manner.  Looking to schedule her some time at a local track where they teach this stuff. Read more

This. ALWAYS practice emergency threshhold braking on the street. Just don’t do it on the street— find an empty parking lot (my favorites are movie theater parking lots early in the morning) and practice threshhold braking, applying just enough pressure to come THISCLOSE to locking the brakes, but no more.   I do it Read more

Would you say the same for cars? All drivers should know how to stop an understeer and how to deal with an oversteer.  Read more

Most importantly, did they teach you how to avoid hitting trees?

That’s the great thing about motorcycles, you don’t have to be a big guy to ride a “big” bike.  Def take a course somewhere and learn how to make the bike do the work.
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This, along with street training, should be a mandatory part of licensing for all riders. The years I spent racing hare scrambles did more for my street skills than anything. For one, knowing when the front or rear wheel is at the grip limit and how to bring it back is invaluable, and losing control on the dirt is Read more

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Oh Yeah....I also think Mr. Glickenhaus is a genuinely nice guy. He should come and post over at  Read more

Yeah Glickenhaus would be a good idea. I Vote for Glickenhaus.
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Glick gets my click 100% of the time. Read more