Jurassic Porker
Jun 19 2018

Trying to slip his Jesusing between jokes about poop is the “put a pill in hamburger” of acceptance speeches.

Jun 19 2018

“He’s definitely the kind of guy who overuses the word ‘awesome’ to describe Jesus,” Stassa Edwards added. Read more

Jun 28 2017

Ms. Perry — and all the women who are forced to interact with Trump, for that matter — would do well to use Bobby as an example:

Jun 28 2017

I mean...are you a real person who has been outside in the world before and is serious? Yes, animals can come outside. Yes, it is simply common sense to ask a person walking a dog if you can pet the dog before just grabbing it.

Jun 27 2017

Didn’t bother to watch the video, but yeah, don’t touch other people’s dogs unless they tell you it’s ok. Really, seriously don’t. You’re putting yourself and the dog at undue risk.

Jun 26 2017

I bet you if Freddy Prince Jr just gives it a chance, he can turn that dog into a Westminster Kennel Club winner.

Jun 26 2017

Martha is still cuter than every single pug that has ever lived. #comeatmebro

Jun 26 2017

Ivan(ka) in January: I’ll advise my dad on politics and try to fight for equality, the environment and puppies. Please like me everyone, we’re super cereal and you can trust me.
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Jun 1 2017

“Women, in general, get a lot of pushback, especially if you’re successful and attractive.” Read more

Jun 9 2015

The issue is the distinction between refusing a certain service and refusing to serve a customer. For example, say a gay couple comes in and asks for a wedding cake that says SUK IT, STR8 PEOPLE! Any baker could absolutely say, actually, we won’t do that sort of language on a cake, but what we can do for you is a nice Read more