Aug 8 2014

You know that part in The Handmaid's Tale, where Offred described how Serena Joy was some powerful bigshot anti-feminist fundamentalist televangelist in the old America. And when Gilead was created and everything that she preached for came true, all she's left in her pathetic little life with is the power to make a Read more

Jul 24 2014

I try to get my partner to use that line all the time. "As a Scientist... I think that bread should be lightly toasted." "As a scientist, I can say with authority that you are a stupidhead".

Jul 23 2014

yes, that too!! if it said just hors d'oeuvres, i'd just stop at chipotle on the way and down a burrito.

Jul 23 2014

i'm basically the last person to ask because the theme of my wedding is "fuck the haters 2015," but I am on board with this provided that when you say heavy hors d'oeuvres, you mean heavy and free-flowing. i am a very hungry person and there needs to be ample food available at all times. as long as your only concern Read more

Jul 23 2014

So, maybe this is tacky and/or too much work to coordinate, but could you do it potluck or semi-potluck (eg, provide alcohol and entrees and request that guests bring a dish to pass)? It might leave money to make the rest of the "a li'l fancy," and it could be fun for guests, depending on your family/friend culture. Read more

Jun 20 2014

So many "missed the point" posts in that thread including all the naturally thin women who think that the entire thread is picking on them about being neurotic and not eating. "I can eat whatever I want. I am happy and full of life!" OK? It's not about you, naturally thin ladies. It's not about you.

Jun 9 2014

I can't believe the judge allowed the security guard to do that. She was just exercising her right to bare arms.

Jun 8 2014

Honestly, I think he means both things: that relationships are about more than sex (right there with ya on that, buddy) and sluts are gross and used up. But at the end of the day he's just a silly little boy who very well may grow up, read that thing that he wrote, and burst out laughing. Here's hoping! I mean, he's Read more

Jun 7 2014

As a former server, that's a bullshit false equivalence, and if your neurons are firing you should damn well know it. When people are actually tipping decently, on a BAD day I used to make $15/hour at an upscale casual place. Besides which, the way servers get mistreated is NOT justification for mistreating fast food Read more

Jun 6 2014

It would make more sense if it wasn't an animated movie.

I am not ashamed to admit that my interest in visiting New Zealand was first inspired by the scenery in LOTR. Seeing the beauty and diversity of that landscape inspired me to watch documentaries about the real place and start saving for a visit someday.

But what Read more

May 16 2014

Acknowledging female biology is not by default TERFy or transmisogynist. Particularly when there is so much shame and misinformation surrounding the female body.

May 8 2014

So someone who was pretty ignorant had a bit of an epiphany, wrote something pretty honest and genuine about it, and now seems to be actually somewhat invested in learning more and trying to change things. And you decide to shit all over her, because it's Kim Kardashian, so it's okay? Pretty fucking gross, guys. Read more

May 8 2014

I think it's difficult for most people to admit their ignorance the way that Kim Kardashian has with regard to racism. I don't understand the instinct to mock someone for this. Thinking that these issues are everyone else's problem is not actually that uncommon, especially for this generation. So good for her for Read more

May 3 2014

I like her, because we share the same entirely boob-reliant body type. Please, just look at my boobs, nowhere else, I cannot guarantee you a consistently enjoyable experience otherwise. It's real hit or miss, five pounds sits like twenty-five on an hourglass or pear. Read more