Aaron M - MasoFiST
12/10/19 10:58AM

Why do you care? There is no more work involved in someone selling you a $20,000 car than someone selling you a $50,000 car, but the person who sold the latter will get paid more than the former. We don’t generally make decisions about how much to pay people based on some arbitrary measurements of the “effort units” Read more

5/13/19 2:10PM

How is “I Eat Ass” derogatory in the slightest? Sounds like a pretty positive statement to me!

2/21/19 7:59AM

Driving a car from showroom new to 1 million miles in a (relatively) short period of time is a feat of driving. That’s a person who did an amazing, physical, challenge. All they had to do was maintain the car according to spec (starting with a perfect example, mind you), and just, drive a lot. Read more

1/12/19 1:22PM

My brother-in-law, Van, has a van, but no Van Van. If I bought a Van Van, perhaps Van would lend me his Van to transport my Van Van... but then he would prolly buy a Van Van of his own, and then there wouldn’t be enough room in Van’s Van Van van for my Van Van, too.

1/03/19 9:19PM

Yup. 1994 Civic Si hatch= 2400 lbs. 2013 Fit Sport hatch = 2500 lbs. Same length, same width. But you can comfortably seat 4, 6-foot tall guys in the Fit Sport, it’s way safer in a crash, there’s no distributor or timing belt and the A/C actually works well in the summertime.

12/17/18 6:13PM

There is a lot of butthurt hate for Ken Block. I always here that “he isnt even that good” or “his videos SUCK!” or “anyone could do that with his equipment”. Read more

11/12/18 1:50PM

I swear I’ve met a version of you on a dresser. Suck in your gut and stop being jealous that other people don’t care that you don’t like their pants or beards. Not really sure what’s more wuss than giving a flying care about younger men’s jeans.

10/02/18 2:21PM

It’s when they clean all of the carbon out of the throttle body using about $2,000 in cash.

6/12/18 8:13AM

A 335i convertible, as I stated, is 4000 pounds.