Tuesday 3:44PM

Again though the serious issue with any of that is the cops actions out everyone else on the road in danger. 

Monday 4:33PM

Isn’t that what people do in Russia because of the rampant hit and runs? Thus the many, many crazy dashcam videos out of Russia. 

Monday 4:02PM

Cop is flat out wrong here. He has already obtained ID, license plate number, etc. Hell, he is probably still holding the driver’s license. Read more

Monday 3:53PM

Ramming a car for speeding is always a DUMB IDEA. They need to “retrain” the cops not to do that, and start enforcing punishment to officers who do. All you need is an asshole having a bad day (that’s right, male cops can be emotional bitches) to ruin people’s lives for no good reason. Read more

Monday 3:28PM

Listen, none of us were there, so all we can go by are the accounts of those who were. You also, chose to conveniently ignore the part where the officer was said to have pepper sprayed the man and his family without cause, direction, or explanation. Read more

Monday 3:25PM

You’re ignoring the bit about hyper-aggression and pepper-spraying a family with young children.

Monday 2:50PM

Oh look how you place no blame on the person in power with power for their choice to endanger everyone on the road over a traffic stop. 

6/08/21 3:37AM

I dunno, long time GG player here and none of the oversized numbers or transitions bother me at all. I do wonder if they’d be willing to dial it back in a later patch though. 

6/07/21 8:49PM

it would be cool if a video game youtube essayist tried a different style of delivery than just “zero-punctuation-lite”. maybe some people might like to try something other than speaking 800 words a minute in a total monotone while dropping tortured, meaningless metaphors every sentence.

6/02/21 8:45PM

And that’s the essence of it, really. The people who created the NFT bubble did exactly what they came to do, the rich got richer and so on and so on.

5/28/21 6:33PM

Sure would be nice to be able to play it on PS4. 

5/28/21 5:19PM

Seriously. Can’t a company make a game about overthrowing a fascist government in Not Cuba without people asking if there are any statements about the real world. Not Cuba isn’t even a real place. DUH!

5/20/21 8:52PM

Fun fact, you can still do that in Arcade mode. It’s called No Limits.

5/20/21 8:39PM

I don’t know how you think this change is for high level play or OWL. Every high level play centers around the tank duo that’s being used. This throws current high level strategy out the window entirely. Read more

5/20/21 4:45PM

A few things I feel need to be clarified or added. Keeping in mind blizzard could change any of this and it's not set in stone. Read more

5/20/21 4:41PM

It addresses a few problems, like the DPS to tank ratio, tanks not always being super impactful in pickup games (they’re getting buffed), and it also reduces the amount of clutter you have to keep track of by a little bit. Whether it is actually fun I guess we’ll see.