AM3R shamefully returns
Sep 20 2016
Hot take

I think the E9x 335i is one of the best enthusiast daily drivers available on the used market.

Aug 31 2016

I fucking hate shops. I wish I had a garage so I could just DIY everything and not worry about people fucking up.

Aug 23 2016
I'm so stupid

A warning light came on in my 335i, just an exterior bulb. Can’t tell which one it is because all lights seem to be

Aug 11 2016
Went go karting

Set the record of the day in my first race. I forgot how much fun karting was! Second race I was battling out with

Aug 2 2016

I usually always miss these, but as I was leaving the bank I looked down and realized “oh shit!” as I was about to

Jun 9 2016
Holy shit

Got pulled over doing well over 45 in a 45, didn’t get a ticket. IN VIRGINIA!!

May 27 2016
OPPO spotted: northern VA

Black focus ST turned off Braddock and onto Clifton road at a pretty nice speed. I’m fairly certain I saw an orange

May 13 2016
Refurbished wheels?

I have a problem, I have 3 wheels and can’t find a 4th to finish the set. I found a website that sells refurbished

Apr 30 2016
I finally wrenched!

Had my first problem with the 335i at 67k. I enjoyed 7k trouble free miles (got it last November). The charge pipe