nasty aloe-vera
8:45 PM

Lets also take into account that most people that adopt want white babies and that she isn’t.  

5:47 PM

In the part of my mind that imagines things that could never happen in real life, I am picturing you leaving replies like, “Your Saturday morning screaming matches don’t sound wonderful to me,” and, “Only two years? Bc you fight like two people who have hated each other for decades.”

11:05 PM

Our longstanding tradition of relying on individuals to step up and donate money for those in need rather than the government is possibly the part of American culture that I hate the most. I love heartwarming stories too, but the whole system is so twisted and bizarre.

11:09 AM

He looks absolutely like someone who should be armed in a chaotic public school, additionally around children that may look like the people formerly deemed his “enemy”. Our Armed Forces deal so well with civilian populations...

6:33 PM

For our first wedding anniversary Bralock bought me a huge, beautiful map of the USA. Each state in which we had spent the night had a picture of us from that stay cut out in the proper shape and taped over it. Everytime we go somewhere new we take a picture together to add to the map. We have a legend on the back to

4:14 AM

Aaaaand now I have to go watch a patisserie episode of GBBO. Thanks a lot! :)

12:18 AM

You know, last year I was at a dinner where the hostess didn’t know how to make gravy and I did it. I tried to teach her the flour method, and she saw me grab the flour and said, “I already know how to make a roux.” I said, “this isn’t a roux” to her back as she walked away.

5:49 PM

The same damage that’s been done for decades to the POC and poor kids who live in urban environments and who deal with living under this sort of gun violence and worse all the time. There have always been schools with metal detectors and police officers and kids who are one degree of separation from knowing someone

1:13 PM

I read the other day that schools are adding that to teaching kids how to go on lockdown in the event of a shooting—-now they’re teaching them emergency first aid so the kids can try to help victims if there is a shooter.

6:36 PM

I have a group of friends that has an ongoing FF league.

2:28 AM

My dog was terrified of women in baseball caps with ponytails out the back.  It sucks to imagine what they’d been through to develop such specific triggers.

11:20 PM

If this is the group where we completely turn on our backs on women who still care about earning cookies from men, I’d like to submit my application. 

10:45 AM

In some ways I think what he actually tweeted today was even worse than your very reasonable assumption. (Melania and I were treated very nicely yesterday in Pittsburgh. The Office of the President was shown great respect on a very sad & solemn day. We were treated so warmly. Small protest was not seen by us, staged