nasty aloe-vera
10:50 AM

We usually get some and have them scheduled for when we come back from vacations, and at no other time during the year. It’s nice to be able to get back and not have to go “... well shit, now we have to go to the store...” and buys some time to get back into our routine first. Especially if we’ve been eating out while

7:34 AM

My cleaning hack was to do one thing per day. Sometimes when I have a free day I need to do a lot more, but do a least one thing before bed. It can be washing and folding the laundry, doing a load of dishes, or if it’s a really bad day, just wiping the bathroom mirrors or the mysterious crud that appears around the

9:06 AM

The person who lost their life was the original gunman and his body will have long been removed from the area.

8:29 PM

You know, an old “gotcha” was always if these RW assholes were all for such small government then they should go to Somali or something and really experience it. But now I’m seeing that they’d actually enjoy that. Having so much “personal freedom” that every church, school, and office building needs armed guards to

5:44 PM

NPR reported that synagogues often have security guards. I never knew that and just, the idea that it’s already been accepted that certain houses of worship need armed security to ensure the safety of their congregants is... just so depressing to me.

10:22 PM

I find the “at least he’s doing something!” excuses pretty thin. He’s doing something... that won’t help, and that may lead to a false sense of safety and therefore stop anyone else from doing something to actually SOLVE the problem (because they think the problem is resolved.)

6:26 PM

Just thinking about how if she’s yelled and interrupted sitting senators like I heard him do in the 10 minutes I got to listen to him speak, it would have been used as evidence of her obvious and “debilitating mental illness” that “lead her” to make these “false allegations against a public figure.”

7:40 PM

Self-managed abortion is illegal, and though they can’t test for miso, states have already convicted people of feticide or homicide based on the suspicion that they attempted to abort at home from miso. Clinically, they can’t determine an abortion from a miscarriage, but that hasn’t stopped anyone yet.

9:47 PM

Looks like he’s already playing the “witch hunt!” card, because the prosecutors attended a fundraiser 3 years ago. Puh-leeze.

12:50 PM

I’m only engaged, but he’s already starting to get used to hearing the phrase “that’s what Google calendar is for” after telling me to remind him of something at a specific time later.

9:45 PM

Oof. The kids with apostrophes in their name always threw my database for a loop. :/

9:38 PM

Mine has definitely conned us out of second breakfast a couple times before we started announcing “I’m feeding the dog!” in the mornings.

9:29 PM

ding ding ding! That is 100% how I read it. It’s so completely over the top and yet never once asks the woman what she wants or if she’s ok with this.

9:53 PM

Bingo. I’ve seen weddings where bridesmaids had other stuff going on - school, weird job, pregnancy, you name it - and exceptions are made. Parties/showers are held right before the event for people traveling in, or those from far out aren’t expected to attend. It’s not like these rules are set in stone and no one can