Jan 27 2020

Andrew really, truly is a gormless turd of a human. The one solitary good his existence does for this world is remind me why the institution of royalty is so fucking offensive. I’ve said this more than once, but I just want to say once again that I absolutely CANNOT understand how this shitheel is the Queen’s favorite Read more

Oct 22 2019

First of all, I don’t have a law degree, but the lawyer I spoke to for the article does, and he disputes your characterization of what the law is “supposed”to do (I read the law as well and think he’s got a point).
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Sep 17 2019

A bunch of people will pay, because going to vapid events like this is a status symbol and treated as “serious” by a host of morally and intellectually bankrupt elites who are privileged enough to be able to talk politely to any ghoul because they are beyond harm. Read more

Sep 16 2019

People invite a bullshitter to spew their bullshit and are outraged when the bullshit is spewed? Read more

Sep 12 2019

You got further with your father than I did. I finally found mine, who made my mother give my older brother up for adoption, and told her she had to abort me. When I finally found him, at 36, he has another family and a daughter in college he supports. He won't acknowledge my existence. I'm about to contact the Read more

Sep 12 2019

Listening to him speak, I swear I can feel brain cells die. It’s like his words are targeted strikes on intelligence. More and more, many people are saying it *uncontrollable eyelid twitch*

Sep 12 2019

That sounds exactly like my father; if you can believe it, in a storybook twist, he actually had the good graces to die on my birthday last year. It felt like all my christmases at once.

Sep 9 2019

OMG Me too! i still remember with great fondness the day I figured it all out and felt an enormous amount of weight lifted from me that I wasn’t the crazy one.

Sep 9 2019

Bingo. As the youngest of 10 birthed by the Queen of Narcissism herself, I’m almost embarrassed that I didn’t really understand that until I was in my 30s. I never understood why my mom’s greatest form of entertainment was using her kids to stir the pot.  *45 is one sick, twisted ghoul (not that I feel bad for any of Read more

Sep 9 2019

This was my first thought, that’s pretty much his management style so why wouldn’t he apply it to his children?

If the three of them weren’t such awful people I’d feel sorry for them.

Sep 9 2019

One thing that must be understood about narcissistic parents is that they frequently pit their kids against each other. The special bond between (normal, healthy) siblings is seen as a threat to the parent. Read more