Feb 27 2017

God I miss that comic strip. Time to crack open ALL the books I have of it.

Feb 27 2017

Now that’s not fair. Calvin was highly intelligent and capable of deep empathy, he was just intellectually lazy and preferred solitude. Trump & Co wish they could be half as capable as Calvin would be. Read more

Feb 1 2017

“Like removing the permanent military presence from the NSC and staffing it with his lackeys?” Read more

Jan 27 2017

Did you ever think you’d be longing for the great speeches George W. Bush made?

Dec 6 2016

Obviously its emulationstation they’re running. Probably just a Pi3 using retropie.

Nov 17 2016

If you would’ve watched the freaking video you’d see it was from Ireland, and what city is in a single person’s ID shouldn’t mean you dismiss the point they’re trying to get across.

Nov 13 2016

Kate McKinnon is an openly LGBT woman, and one could argue that the rhetoric of the Trump/alt-right has been more vitriolic towards those folks (actually, one hardly has to argue the point as there’s already some discussion about going after gay marriage in some circles). So no, I think Kate was the perfect choice.

Oct 14 2016

To be fair she was rather noisy and he was trying to catch some shut-eye between questions.

Sep 26 2016

It really blows my mind where we can have a successful tv show with openly gay characters and now a transgender character and yet we have Trump neck in neck with Hillary. It seems very incongruous.

Sep 2 2016

No no you see, the hivebrain is allowed to like only ONE token female comedian at a time, and Amy already had her 15 minutes. Now she is problematic, so nothing she says from now on is funny or cool.