I just MOCed up Kate Mckinnon’s Holtzmann yesterday! Can’t wait for the new set!

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Fun fact: the B-Wing test flight fanfare sounded super close to the main flying theme from the Rocketeer.

Man, getting the B-Wing in X-Wing made the A-Wing feel like a Y-Wing. Read more

[Calvin Johnson nodding and taking notes.] Read more

Either the art director or the costume designer didn’t bother doing their research, because, based on the police officer’s uniform, they seem to think the New Mexico flag is the Mexican flag minus the eagle, cactus and snake. I found it amusing. Read more

I want this to be so big that Disney will lock JJ Abrams down for the rest of his life and keep him the fuck away from Star Trek.
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Texas Rangers, earlier this week. Read more

They are going to try and make it hip and now for the millennials. Good luck with that.

JJ Abrams has stated repeatedly that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Mr. Roarke in this reboot. Read more

Enough with the reboots.

Reminds me of one of my favorite moments in Avengers (though a gross oversimplification of celestial navigation). Read more

Most people making minimum wage are NOT high school kids saving up to buy a PS4, though. Read more

Every episode is one step closer to adding Peridot to the opening theme song. Can you imagine Jasper in the opening theme song in her deeper voice if she joined them?

You mean the way Chris Evans was both Johnny Storm and Captain America? Read more

That’s a very good question, because that question unanswered leads to things like...

It would be nice to be able to try them out though.
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Master Jedi....if an item does not appear in our does not exist.

So, person says something dumb, admits fault, tries to rectify it, but we’re all still mad? I mean, I get that insincere nonapologies shouldn’t be accepted, but if someone says something out of ignorance, but is willing to admit fault and be teachable ... what’s ... what’s the issue?
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I find the unrelenting passage of time to be alarming as well so I’m going to have to side with the police on this one. Read more

That is our life, we are paid for what we can do, does not matter if a lot of other folks could if they wanted too, wanted to learn,. It’s not what you do, it’s “knowing what to do or being able to figure it out” that get’s you paid. Read more