What the fuck? “Don’t talk about how much you love your wife in case your ex hears” is certainly a take, I guess, especially from a man who has never married. Strong incel energy to be honest. Read more

It’s a tough situation to be in!

I’m not a fan of Willingham - he’s a staunch right-winger with a very imperialistic view of America, very traditional views on gender roles, and has been an asshole to fans -and especially female fans - in the past. And I hope he never gets to write for Captain America because his pitch for it is dreadful. As for Read more

Well, there goes my plans for The Swiftorcist double feature I was gonna do. Read more

That gives me an idea for an all new kind of reality TV for the upcoming season: Read more

Well, well, well. You know what time it is now, uh? Read more

In case it wasn’t already obvious which side was the assholes, only one side of this debate DEMANDED a media blackout to keep things “in good faith” and then IMMEDIATELY leaked their proposal to the industry trades that THEIR OWN MEMBER LITERALLY OWNS. Read more

This is fascism. Murderous thugs in the streets egged on by fascist Republicans like Trump. Meanwhile, other Republicans defend Trump and hope they can weasel their way to the top of the fascist pile. If you are a Republican, you are condoning fascism. You are a fascist. You are a Nazi.
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I enjoyed it! It’s pretty bog-standard formula along the lines of the Three-Act Marvel Origin Movie that is commonplace over there in Feigeland, but formula works when you get the fundamentals down and I enjoyed the performances and arc. Read more

If the employers don’t feel a strike it would be kinda pointless.
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I love it when shows do that. I remember Doctor Who doing it several years ago with Mark Sheppard and his father, William Morgan Sheppard. Read more

He mentioned that Superman Legacy would look to All-Star Superman for inspiration, and that anyone interested in the direction Brave and the Bold would take might be well served by reading Morrison’s Batman run. They were the main ones off the top of my head. All I know is I’ve been eyeing up those Morrison omnis for Read more

The Historia series looks good. What other books has he recommended? Read more

You are correct! I blurred the two since the final shot from that short is set during the clone wars finale. Read more

Now as the strike progresses Sam can use his tagline to greater effect: “We’ve been here the whole time! Read more

This is great for Sam and the Dropout team, you love to see it folks. Read more

You haven’t heard K-pop until you’ve heard it in the original Klingon. Read more

I loved that they snuck in a reference to the gold standard of musical episodes, Once More With Feeling. Bunnies!! Read more