Jul 3

As someone whose fandom in the Big G was cemented as early as 5 years old, let me just get in front of the other Olds and say: this short is fucking wonderful and fucking canon. 

Jul 3

Nice to be reassured it’s still okay to be a Godzilla fan.

Jun 29

Not only is that woman holding that gun entirely wrong but she has her finger on the fucking trigger the whole time! Even her dipshit husband seems to know better than that. She should be arrested for reckless endangerment. 

Jun 24

Right now, it’s just a beloved character failing to express any concern for the biggest person in her life, and without revealing the causes for that, the storyline gradually deflates from the delay. Read more

Jun 24

That extended opening credits, complete with ’70s TV voiceover introductions for each actor, was delightful.
Read more

Jun 22

Turns out the new protagonist is a huge eco-nerd who joined the Space Peace Corps after high school, so it’s his dream post. Read more

Jun 22

That’s got to be a serious let down for that era’s Luke Skywalker.

“Finally! I got off of that backwater farm and joined the Jedi Knights! Now for a lifetime of adventures.”

“Actually, your assignment is to head to a farming colony on a backwater planet.”

“Will I be fighting pirates? Smugglers? Slavers?”

“Helping the Read more

Jun 22

It’s a step in the right direction, I’ll admit. I got shouted at by certain individuals for being so crazy as to think we needed to get away from “big bad empire vs. scrappy rebels” in Star Wars and explore some new ideas. Still not a fan of it being a prequel, but it’s a step in the right direction. 

Jun 22

I love this concept. It seems the Jedi will basically be a religious order, but one without a central organization/bureaucracy. Just small groups of friends who trained together traveling around solving problems with communities. 

Jun 21

Keith David as MODOK? Excuse me, I’m going to have be alone for awhile, I’m taking this pretty hard. I think you understand why.

Jun 21

Lotta rape apologist shitheads in the comments on a sunday morning with nothing better to do than be shitheads. Ignore them.

Jun 21

I love that Tom Hollander is not only playing King George V and his “identical cousin” Tsar Nicholas II but also their bit more distant cousin Keiser Wilhelm II. But I’m a little sad that Daniel Brühl seems to be relegated to playing villains in American movies.

Jun 21

You might enjoy this discussion from a few years back. I’m not tooting my onw horn here — most of the contributions are way more erudite and thoughtful than anything I said. Mxyzptlk’s Heuristic of the Three Levels of General Assholishness in particular comes in handy for diagnosing this issue.