I believe it’s simultaneous release. Read more

We’ve seen Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor in a previous trailer, though, so we already knew he was going to be in at least one of these specials. Read more

She was still a companion, so saying that the Doctor having a sexual relationship with any of their companions is gross is incorrect. Read more

I don’t think you know what “pushing the boundaries of good taste” means. Because that ain’t it, chief. Read more

Oh this looks fascinating. And partially based on the “Ever Dreamed This Man?” phenomena, which itself was fascinating. For those who don’t know, just read this: Read more

This is the least surprising news ever. It’s sad, but “MAGA conservative gung ho about anti-sex trafficking being a sex predator” is an easy guess. Read more

Romana was a companion, so you’re wrong. Read more

Isn’t most of Fables based on characters from fairy tales and myths, so presumably anyone could do their own versions and still be in the clear? Read more

Vertigo’s Fables comics from Bill Willingham and a number of artists (such as Mark Buckingham and Lan Medina) is one of the most well known non-Big Two comics. Read more

Werewolf by Night was one of the bright spots in the recent MCU stuff (and I say that having liked a lot of Phase 4 and 5), so I hope that they give Michael Giacchino more stuff to do. Heck, give him a movie to direct — give him a Tomb of Dracula movie or a Midnight Sons movie. Read more

Joss does not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was a script he wrote for Sandollar Productions and Kuzui Enterprises, which jointly own it, I believe. Or it’s possible that they sold it to Fox, so it’s now owned by Disney. Read more

I think it’s ignoring the Buffy Season 8-12 comics, especially since Dark Horse already rebooted their own Buffy comics multiple times. Read more

That’s because they were contractually obligated to do the shows and did them without any writers at all, improvising everything. If Drew was returning to her show because it was a contractual thing and she stated this up front, that would be one thing, but from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t appear so. Read more

goddammit, just fucking forget about Harry Potter and the Terf of Always. Read more

This was excellent. Thank you, Linda, and thanks to the people who organized this and Brennan Lee Mulligan. Read more

Okay, I have to admit that “D-Cup, A-Bomb” is a killer tagline. This movie will probably be ass, but you have to admit, they know how to make a cool sounding tagline. Read more

An anthology show about the Darkhold would have been interesting, before they completely destroyed it in Multiverse of Madness (and they made sure tell us it was destroyed in every Earth, so whatever).

Darkhold Diaries is an even worse name than House of Harkness. Read more