Mar 11

Jalopnik is a site about cars and the people that love them. The fucking President of the United States addresses a tweet to people who “like automobiles.” Those are cars. The tweet, again from the President, states things that cannot be proven as true regarding cars and car ownership by Americans. It’s hard to see Read more

Dec 3

White guy break laws without punishment” isn’t dangerous or noteworthy

Jul 30 2019

No more pathetic than people whining about how awful it is to oppose a law that does nothing other than to make motorists pay out-of-pocket to make life marginally easier for our police, who already effectively enjoy carte blanche to do whatever they want and routinely get away with any and every offense you can name Read more

Apr 29 2019

If you are poor with brown skin and live in a low income area, then jackboot season arrived decades ago.

Apr 24 2018

This story should end with a review of said jammer and a Gizmodo dealz link to amazon where I an buy one. Read more

Mar 27 2018

Because they had tail pipe emissions regulations before the clean air act. Also because LA was a smog filled hellscape and now it is just a smug filled hellscape 

Mar 16 2018

Not sure what you count as “normal,” but I’m 6' and my knees are often crushed if I don’t notice the person in front of me reclining. I’m able to adjust and straighten my legs under their seat to avoid that, but their reclining absolutely impacts the legroom of the person behind them.
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Mar 14 2018

Wouldn’t it be crazy if it was found in the following years that multiple auto makers had built cars specifically to beat tests, and that the actual emissions from diesel engines were vastly higher than otherwise reported? Maybe toss in the exposure of the fact that standard emissions tests are inadequate and more Read more

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Mar 1 2018

I love the part where the commentator states that the guy was putting up a fight against the cops. All I saw was a guy trying to get his arm back from the dog while cop wailed on his head after he basically gave up. I get it, the guy is a major douche, but he wasn’t going any where and he wasn’t resisting arrest. Read more

Feb 22 2018

Dude...not cool. Let’s not do the whole stereotype thing here.