Feb 13

Only if doing so forces you to ask questions everytime someone other than a cis male does something. :)

May 7 2019

Is it horrible I absolutely love that this has went to the Price is Right?

Feb 6 2019

I think a big driver of that is to keep cars from sorting out of lists when using apps or websites like autotrader. They try to trick us into a vehicle showing up if someone says they don’t want one with more than XXX amount of miles.

Dec 11 2017

And some of the comments right here are also serving to show how everything Alanis wrote is simply ignored or talked over . . .

Nov 10 2017

So sad that this is a brought out at a time when everyone is buying SUV’s . . . :(

Sep 26 2017

I know going with cable helps to finance the show but with people ditching cable more every day I can’t help but think this will doom the show. :(

May 26 2017

You’re right the liberal media wasn’t as harsh with Obama but the right wing media was. Fox news and others spent 8 years focusing on birth certificates and other nonsense that was made up unlike a verifiable quote like this one from Trump about German cars. Please go hang the electoral map next to the US population Read more

Jan 10 2017

I think this picture and the comments prove guys are genetically wired to look for holes to have sex.