Jan 8

All I could think of.

Sep 30 2019

I mean this question with dead seriousness—hundred (possibly hundreds?) of people who comprised it”—should that be “composed”?

Sep 28 2019

Because their employers threaten them, their jobs, and their livelihoods? Read more

Sep 16 2019

What absolutely miserable human beings these people reporting her must be

Sep 9 2019

He should have tried thinking about baseball.

Sep 9 2019

+20-30 seconds, tops

Sep 8 2019

This is why I ref 10 and under at my local Y. Ejections. Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels like ejecting the little punk when he looks at you wrong. Raise an eyebrow, you’re gone son. Dad screaming bloody murder from the sideline, take a walk kid. Someone has got to teach these kids a lesson. Sometimes life is cruel, Read more

Sep 8 2019

Having never been touched like that by a woman before, it was all he could do to prematurely eject her.

Apr 29 2019

Yes. Artillery to the front that we will use all of... once, then a phalanx of unsullied, then moat of fire. All the pasty white dudes hide in the castle. But first a very pretty but tactically idiotic cavalry charge to show off how undefeatable the opponent is followed by a complete misunderstanding of how close air Read more

Feb 27 2019

Took me a moment, but +1 bulb

Feb 27 2019

You’d think disposal would be more complicated when dealing with anything involving the CFL.

Feb 27 2019

the league forced the Alouettes to cut him, then banned him from the entire CFL Read more

Feb 21 2019

You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

Jan 18 2019

I don’t understand this trend of people calling actors or even characters they like “my son”. Just refer to your cat as your son, like a normal person.

Dec 22 2018

If you ever want to interview someone at the furthest removed position from actual entertainment you can be while still using electricity, HMU. Read more

Dec 21 2018

Isn’t that kinda the point, though? This just a way to stay camoflaged if everybody is looking at their phones in this hypothetical public place

Dec 20 2018

I guess I can stop knitting those ankle scarves I was planning on gifting to my family on Christmas. 

Sep 3 2014

Yeh, I remember one time I squirted too much methylene chloride while cleaning the NaCl plates. It went to over my hands. I asked the TA about it. He laughed and said, "Don't worry, you'll just get cancer.."