Dec 8 2019

It’s clear you don’t like her, to say she is on the same level of conventional attractiveness as Day is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. She’s considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood if not the world. I was watching What If on Netflix, the Renee Zellweger show, and a character mentioned JLo Read more

Oct 25 2019

Unlike Aunt Becky, I think she’s learned her lesson and I hope her career is not dead. Not for anything but she stood against another white woman (Teri Hatcher) to defend a brown woman (Eva Longoria) when the latter had no star power yet. Alfre Woodard also recently said she stood by her. I don’t think she’s as awful Read more

Sep 11 2019

Please, if there is a God, she will make this come true. I saw her live for the first time for her It’s my party tour earlier this year and it was A. RELIGIOUS. EXPERIENCE. She is a GODDESS! Oscar and Super Bowl! 2020 will be so JLO! 

Mar 10 2019

Even her hands are incredibly beautiful! She’s just not human! Congrats, JLo!

Oct 22 2018

This is the email he sent them. Hope he never is allowed to be involved with DECIEM ever again.

Oct 11 2018

Wow, first person I hear (or read)likes him, my coworkers and friends hate him and so do I, he ruins every single song with his voice, so annoying!

Jan 1 2018

So true. I’m a gay guy and had this bi fwb. He was good for sex but not for much. The topic of settling down came up and he said he was waiting for a 10 to come along and that he wouldn’t settle for less. The fact that he graded women was off putting enough but going by the grading system. He wasn’t even in the Read more

Sep 13 2017

Eva Mendes? You mean Jessica Alba? Both are WOC btw. Not only black women are WOC.

Sep 6 2017

I haven’t seen the movie but from the trailer she requests an Uber after the “one night stand” and he gets a ping on his app since he’s a driver. That wouldn’t have been possible with hailing a cab, right?

Jul 24 2017

You mean with Mariah and her paid for boo? There’s pap pics and she looks just like she does in these pics.

Jun 23 2017

A broken clock is right twice a day. Vicente is sexist and racist and his party is the conservative party of Mexico. He’s compared women to washing machines and said “Mexicans did jobs that not even Blacks wanted.”

May 21 2017

Read on what he did, that is WAY more than just being a douche.