Alissa Walker
Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.
Feb 17 2017

It got on the ballot thanks to one guy who runs a charity and has a great view of the Hollywood sign from his office and doesn’t want that view to be ruined by a new building right across the street. And that’s why the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, of all organizations, has donated millions of dollars to pass the Read more

Oct 5 2016

When my baby was a few weeks old I tried to stop a subscription several different times but all I could figure out to do was delay the shipment. I was looking for the “cancel” button on the website and thought I was too tired to find it. Read more

Aug 4 2016

She is described as a “walker and urbanism champion” on that page, which makes me think that she changed her last name.

Aug 4 2016

The fact that they have to say "curbed's" immediately causes me to hate them. Try saying it. Omg. Curbed's....

Aug 4 2016

Speaking of clickbait, I haven't seen an Alissa article in a while.

Jul 1 2016

In the nicest way possible.... FUCK YOU! Ban me from driving, Sorry but some of us take it seriously and love it. I drive back and forth between Chicago and Atlanta even though flights are stupidly cheap because I love driving. Let’s ban your smart phone. It’s proven to be a distraction in every facet of life, people Read more

Jul 1 2016

I am so glad I had a night vision web camera as a baby monitor, because I spent the first year and a half of my daughter’s life watching her sleep whenever I felt anxious and making sure I saw her breathe before I went to sleep myself was the only way I would get any sleep in the first place. If I didn’t have that Read more