Alissa Walker
Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.
3:40 PM

When my baby was a few weeks old I tried to stop a subscription several different times but all I could figure out to do was delay the shipment. I was looking for the “cancel” button on the website and thought I was too tired to find it. Read more

3:44 PM

Ha, this is what I just posted to Facebook: “You won’t believe what happens at 1875 AD”

1:05 AM

I’ve written a few times about bees in relation to the pollination challenges around the drought so I do know they are cultivated and sold, but I was trying to make a joke about bee abduction (which I guess was not very good). However a few people have emailed me to say that yellow jackets are not Read more

1:05 PM

Would love to see more comparisons on this, as I thought the benefit of reverse osmosis was mainly for taste. My understanding is that you’d have to pair this treatment with another filter to get lead out?