Aug 18 2018

Some of us Indians love driving vehicles that were the symbol of British Imperialism and are now owned by Tata corporation.

Jun 27 2018

Do you know why it’s gone? All you “enthusiasts” who ask me to bring these to the NA market and then buy a CVT Kia Soul instead because you suddenly remember you’re 39 years old 215lbs, make $65K a year and have a wife, 2 kids and a dog.

Jun 17 2018

Finally, the salted streets of New York did me in. The entire car was made from aluminum and it all just rotted away. Read more

Jun 9 2018

So therefore the only reasonable option is to make big, huge trucks legal only if you are using them for work purposes. Because there is literally no reason why anyone would need one of these beastly machines for their everyday driving—and definitely not in the city.

May 12 2018

Ugh! Why does every aftermarket truck wheel these days look like it comes with a free case of Monster?

Feb 14 2018

You need to back that claim up. On basically everything but the most bleeding edge performance cars, the breaks are more than capable of overpowering the engine.

Dec 14 2017

Those pictures remind me of being in middle-school sex ed, and they show you weird pictures of anatomy that are excessively detailed, and you’re kind of aroused, but also confused and a bit frightened.