Alex Roy
3:46 PM

The pearl-clutchers here are far more upset than the audiences of FBI agents and NYPD officers we’ve held private screenings for. They thought it was a cautionary tale, and loved it. Read more

2:55 PM

I’m not aware of any shy people who do this sort of thing. But I’d like to meet them. They must be fascinating.

2:53 PM

I insisted Ed be in the movie, for obvious reasons, but this movie is half about the US Express, and half about our run.

I’m not aware that video footage exists of runs after ours, but I’d love to see that movie!

2:52 PM

I’ve been wearing scarves ever since my mother said my neck looked fat. It makes her happy.

12:04 PM

Lucky for you, more than half the movie is other people, and they’re fascinating.

12:03 PM

Better skip the videos I shot with Ed for his Vinwiki channel! :-)

12:02 PM

Thanks for the kind words. :-)

Ed gets his well deserved appearance, of course, as do other teams who broke our time! If Ed had footage from his run, we would have loved to include it. I’m unaware that anyone shot as much footage as we did. I would love to watch a movie about someone else doing it, as long as they do Read more

7:41 AM

Unless you spend years researching what day of the year and time of day has the lowest number of cars on the road. Read more

7:31 AM

The FBI, MIT, Stanford, NYU and hundreds of LEO agencies and graduate schools thought there were many positive components to it. So many that I’ve consulted to numerous tech and automotive companies about data aggregation, HMI, human factors and road safety. Based on the people I’ve met who still do this, I’d say they Read more

4:54 PM

Are you aware that there were REAL Cannonball Run races?

The characters in the films were based on real people.

4:51 PM

Street racing on crowded city streets, surrounded by pedestrians, is idiotic.

4:50 PM

Based on thousands of hours of research and preparation, and the outcome, I’d argue that we were far safer than the average driver, at any speed.

That’s why I now work in automotive safety technology, while simultaneously lobbying for increasing drivers licensing standards, and improving road design to protect pedestria Read more