She Aight
Oct 10

That first line functions as a disclaimer that you’re an asshole, so I guess so.

Feb 1 2019

Nah, fuck terfs. Anti-trans hate is anti-trans hate no matter what mask you put on when you do it. Read more

Nov 30 2018

They are both promoting new albums. This is WWF pro wrestling bullshit. Drama sells.

Nov 9 2018

I once helped The Rock finished a crossword puzzle in an airport lounge long ago. That man takes his crossword puzzles very seriously!

Oct 2 2018

I’ll always remember him first for the role he hated the most... Will Tippin, on ALIAS.
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Sep 20 2018

I mean OR she’s correct but she still doesn’t have a chance against a powerful witch like Beyonce, so she shouldn’t have tried to sue because it’ll only get worse now.

Sep 10 2018

She had an affair with him while he was still married and during that time she got elevated to a higher position at CBS. She’s complicit. Check out the way she went after Janet Jackson and stanned for Les this summer.

Sep 10 2018

I remember when Alias was a thing (a thing I was obsessed with) and there was a contingent on message boards that loathed her and called her horseface and all the other shitty things people say on social media. I never understood it, because of course social media was new then and none of us understood what we were Read more

Sep 10 2018

it’s ok to be honest and say that i threatened your job ashley 

Aug 30 2018

Yes, the way she seemed to be rushing from house to house, not giving anyone time to answer before moving on made me think this was someone being pursued by a serial killer. She’s fine, he’s dead, sounds so much better that what I thought we’d hear next.

Aug 29 2018

I don’t say this easily, but if the reporting is true, thank god he’s dead. 

Aug 29 2018

“This story is stranger, and sadder, than it initially appears.” Read more

Aug 28 2018

She may be wearing leggings (or could they be support hose?) to help reduce blood clots. Not so much a choice as a necessity. That’s why she created the bodysuit the French banned. She’s been having issues with blood clots since she gave birth.

Aug 28 2018

The USADA tested Serena right after her win. While they found her levels of Flystorgen, Notgivingfucks & SoDopamine to be off the charts for a regular pro-athlete they still were within Williams’ standard range.

Aug 28 2018

Hot damn. She looks better less than a year after almost dying in childbirth than I ever looked in my entire life. 

Jul 20 2018

This is a welcome change from the typical British supermarket experience:

Jun 7 2018

I know things look promising right now, but Caps fans know there’s still an opportunity to blow this.