10/15/20 5:41PM

Knowing myself, I would probably bit the bullet and trade it. The gas money alone probably adds up to as much as or more than a new car payment monthly.

10/15/20 5:41PM

Imma go out on a limb and suggest that at least 90% of everybody paying more than maybe $35(?)k for ANY vehicle is mostly concerned with looking cool. I don’t see any difference at all between this truck and the guys (and gals) running around with 600+ hp in a Mustang or Challenger.

10/15/20 5:08PM

A guy in my work complex has a Yukon XL Denali with a 6" lift and aggressive off road tires. He commutes 90 miles every day and it has NEVER been off road. It currently has a touch over 170,000 miles. Can you imagine paying the fuel bill. My coworker says that he must have a tiny dick.

4/28/20 10:22PM

McParland! You’re out! Torch is answering the car-buying questions from now on!

4/27/20 8:06AM

It’s expensive but these cars are in high demand for a certain crowd, and there’s not a lot non molested examples left, pretty much like a Corrado. Read more