Alex B
Mar 11

I go to Pitt and we just found out today that all of our classes are moving online starting March 23rd, we are getting the next week off. We’re also being told to move off campus, but awaiting the dates to do so. It’s all so surreal, really don’t know what to feel yet. 

Feb 16

I was there yesterday! I was disappointed the i-pace was locked. 

Sep 11

I like them, especially in sport trim. They’ve been on sale for a while now so I would imagine issues have been worked out over time. 

Aug 21

I have the same one, and while I don’t have a meaningful story attached to it, I enjoy it 

Jul 27

For the summer I’ve been working at my local subaru dealer as a lot attendant and have never had a manual crosstrek of the current generation yet. I’ve driven one of the last generation and it was a pleasant surprise. Nice car, congrats! The new crosstrek/impreza are a huge step up over the last generation. Great Read more

May 5 2019

First one may be an early renegade test mule! ;-)

May 1 2019

Had one of these as a rental in Colorado... Poor engine never got a break 

Sep 13 2018

I have a matchbox of this car, had never seen pics of the concept before this though 

Jul 27 2018

I was behind an X3 with a burned out left LED taillight and was wondering this same thing 

Jul 6 2018

The low belt line makes it look so unnatural.

Jul 5 2018

The way that RF is parked gives me anxiety 

Mar 15 2018

How do you go about cleaning the door jambs?

Mar 8 2018

I want a V6 7 seater, ive only seen one or two ever

Feb 1 2018

One of my friends used to have a silver one (which was replaced by a juke). It was a decent car, I liked it’s design, gives me french/renault vibes.

Jan 15 2018

Yes, and not just my driveway but my garage too

Dec 29 2017

I’ve always thought these were handsome SUVs