Alex Murel
Dec 9

I spent the winter down there in 2017 and participated in a similar study because why not. The testing consisted of self reporting, saliva swabs, and some basic cognitive testing. It was all fine and dandy at the beginning, spirits high, reaction times quick, and decision making still intact. Around month 3-4 things Read more

Apr 30 2019

It’s the best of both worlds really. I have no idea why “purists” are against it? Maybe because the cars they can afford, like mustangs and Chevy SS, Chargers won’t have that tech available in them for another 15 years? Probably. I can guarantee you none of these hillbillys would mind their AWD hellcats actually be Read more

Apr 29 2019

Possibly unpopular opinion: This is good. I have a C63s that splits daily driving duty with another car in Texas and it always has murder on its mind. Is it fun? Yes. Can I let anyone used to driving regular cars behind the wheel? No. Merc’s 4-Matic system gives you the option to have all the fun, or keep things from Read more

Oct 16 2018

Drew, I never made it to the South Pole, but I spent most of 2017 at McMurdo Station. Even in the dead of winter there are no pajamas to be found. It’s still too hot there (inside obviously) and everyone is constantly fucking each other, so really they would just get in the way.

Mar 7 2018

I spent last (austral) winter down at MCM. While they’re not doing winter flights this year, they did last year, and seeing a C-17 do a NVG landing on a pitch black ice runway is something else.

Jun 2 2017

Come on guys, there’s only one right answer here.

Apr 23 2017

There was also one held at McMurdo Station. We maxed out at 3 degrees F yesterday.

Oct 9 2016

I’m gonna start off with the full disclosure that I am an Aggie, but I also work in sports broadcasting and spent 3 years with their athletic department there. I am by no means a rules expert and this is simply my understanding of targeting as another football watching rube.

Nov 11 2015

Japan doesn’t have a track record for manufacturing airplanes

Oct 20 2015

The company I took drivers ed from only ran used PT Cruisers.

Apr 27 2015

Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky. They didnt necessarily have the right to be good, but had so much potential that fell flat on its face because they ended up being the essence of what Saturn and Pontiac were right before their death, poorly built, fat, and underpowered. Looked pretty good though.