Alex Murel

BRB, listing the Lunar Rock 4Runner I picked up in January on Cargurus for $135,762. No low ballers, I know what I have.

Since they’re still making them today and its what I was going to suggest as well, I vote we count them.

My first confession to make here is that I got an allocation for a TRD Pro entirely to get Lunar rock. Could have escaped a lot cheaper and quicker if I had just gotten a different color. The majority of the TRD Pro stuff can take a walk, and will be sold to offset the cost of changes. Also bought all the stuff on Read more

$80k is the limit, but definitely not the threshold to get into something stupid, a series is definitely a good approach too. Theres gotta be someone out there who has spent over $80k after starting with a craigslist miata, right?  If I had more than a one car garage at an apt complex a kit car or pure project would Read more

Shit.  Sorry you missed out.  I mean they have other good colors too, but none of them are Miami Blue.  

I tried that line once, she didn’t believe me. 

Its up there.  I took a Miata RF for a test drive and I could admire what it was, but I’d just stepped out of the C63 and getting onto the freeway felt... uninspiring.  That said, I love the idea that I can shoehorn a V8 under the hood and the only visual clue is that it has an extra exhaust pipe on the back.  Just Read more

Listen man, I’m dumb, not suicidal. My Duc shop had one of those in the last time I was getting my bike serviced though and god they are beautiful. Read more

In my admittedly weak defense, my cars are the only things I spend money on... Also, overseas contract jobs can be lucrative. 

Christ, I dont feel so bad then. I gonna assume the closest service shop is in Minneapolis / Saint Paul.  

Not quite long travel, but just got the email that the suspension I ordered shipped last night. And still waiting on Magnussen or URD to release a supercharger for the 2020-2021's, but its on the list!

C63 lost the special feeling after being called up to DD and was shit for home depot runs. Physically I’m functional, mentally... well, thats always been questionable. The 4R is the comfy car, no requirements for abject comfort in vehicle 2.

The 4R just showed up Monday and will be going through its own upgrade regimen Read more

Physically, fine. Mentally, questionable before and after. The only issue with the AMG was it lost its special feeling when it was called up to DD duty from its fun car slot. That and Home Depot runs were tricky. Read more

We’re not talking BM Motorcars are we?  I definitely had my dealer here in Texas run through the car for shall we say.... abnormalities... after I took delivery.  

I think you’re the only one who realized the 4unner is staying so as you said, literally anything is fair game.  

The GT is high on the list. Just have to find one in Solarbeam yellow that checks the features boxes and then its off to Renntech. 

This may be the right solution, just have to wait until Miami Blue is available without using paint to sample.  And then come to terms with how lack luster the rear end of the Cayman is...

Definitely on the personal list.  Currently working on getting my boss to change out of his F-Type S so I can do it without feeling weird.  

The size vs impression of speed is underrated. The first time I drove motorcycle is the “fastest” I’ve ever gone. Then I looked down and saw 25 mph on the speedo. Thankfully I’m past having to prove my car is fast outside of a track, knowing its fast is enough for me. That said, “quick” is a whole different metric and Read more

Love the Tuscan idea, but as the old saying goes “fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice shame on me”.  Pretty sure if I get another car seized by the government I’ll truly never live it down.