Jan 28

David Tracy’s track record on fixing friend’s cars:

Jan 20

What are they going to do? Keep making basically the same car forever, serving the same people forever? That’s how products die. The Mustang is a mass-market, mass-appeal product. You can’t keep something like that the same forever and expect to just ride that wave to never-ending profit. It will come crashing down at Read more

Jan 15

People fail to realize that if we want the cool cars from big names, they need to make mainstream cars that sell.

The Cayenne almost single-handedly saved Porsche.

Jan 15

At the end of the day, SUV’s sell, have larger margins and can still fit within a brand’s lineup. Look at the Macan and Cayenne, the Urus (accounted for over half of all Lambo’s sold), and the DBX. Read more

Sep 24

I saw that Hyundai ad on Hulu and my first thought was, “why can’t they just pay attention to the road?”. I’d be laughing at it, if it wasn’t so sad.

Sep 21

A Morning Shift finally hit 5/5 wrong takes, congrats all around!

Sep 17

Raph is just a hack, no other way to put it.

Many of the writers here thoroughly panned the Cybertruck for being too weird, and now we’re being told the F-150 EV is bad for presumably being too normal. One day GM is bad for not having an EV strategy, and then the next day they are bad for having a comprehensive Read more

Sep 17

I’m honestly surprised an article dedicated to a Ford EV didn’t include the writer shitting on GM for some mundane half truth. The best description I can compare to the writing lately here is single issue voters. Like they have to have this one thing, and if it’s not how they have it in their mind, the rest is wrong - Read more

Sep 17

THIS! People commonly complain about Jalopnik bashing GM, or being anti-Tesla, anti-gas, anti-EV, being biased against whatever, etc. I don’t think they are really any of those things. I just think there are a few writers (cough cough Raph, Erik, & sometimes Justin) that are negative, overly critical, and generally Read more

Sep 10

Earmarking this article so I can share it next week when one of the boys shares a story along the lines of “Pandemic is Fucking BAD for CARS”. Read more